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On Thursday, November 11 Expanish celebrated the opening of the new Spanish school, with its inauguration event and cocktail reception.  Even though Expanish moved to its custom-made building in July, the official ceremony was held on the perfect spring night where we invited friends, family, and community members to come together and enjoy excellent food, music and good company – to thank all those who worked hard in supporting Expanish over the years.

Behind the scenes, the day was filled with preparations to put together all the finishing touches to the building.  The Expanish team anxiously finished all the day’s work just in time before the guests began to arrive.  It was important for us to give each person visiting the school, a personalized tour of the facilities as it was the first time many have seen the new school.

Many people who have been long time supporters of Expanish, had never seen our new building, so it was quite fun (and a bit of a workout climbing all the stairs) being able to show all six floors to those who have witnessed the growth of the school, and remembers Expanish beginnings in a tiny office in Recoleta.    Many do not know but Expanish originally started in that small office in 2006, working with partner language schools across Latin America.  Then, in 2008 we opened the Expanish Spanish Institute, on Viamonte 927, offering cultural language immersion programs to foreigners from all over the world.  Although the building on Viamonte had a lot of character, the new building has been custom-made to cater to learning Spanish, something that is a rarity to find in South America as it has been modeled after many English language institutes worldwide.  It was exciting to hear feedback from first-time visitors as the school and facilities had brought them back to their years living or studying in Europe or the USA, reminding them of their secondary schools and universities.

In addition to family, friends, professors, staff, accommodation hosts, activity providers, and students, we were thrilled to have in attendance journalists and reporters from both local and foreign news sources, representatives from the travel and education industry, and leaders in the Buenos Aires community such as Hernán Lombardi who is the Secretary of Culture and Tourism of the city of Buenos Aires, Oscar Castillo, a National Senator, and Marcelo Garcia, the Presidente of SEA (Association of Centers and Teaching of Languages).

The rest of the night was filled with tasty appetizers, wine, a music show, mingling and a presentation from the co-founders Agustin Vignale and Alejandro Rched – who gave a brief overview of the history of Expanish and the types of language and immersion programs that are offered.  What a great night for everyone to celebrate the growth and success of Expanish!

Come and visit or see a slide show of our new school building here.