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Yes, Christmas time is almost here and local Argentines from Buenos Aires, also known as Porteños, are escaping to the beaches of Mar de Plata and Punta Del Este for their summer vacations. This time of year is a great opportunity for foreigners to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires! The city is less full of locals, making it easier to get around, and with less anxiety.

If you are looking to spend Christmas or New Years in Buenos Aires, check out the national tourism site of Buenos Aires to see what activities and special offers the city has planned for the holidays. After the New Year, the city is wide open to exploration and also the perfect opportunity to study Spanish in Buenos Aires´ most relaxed time of year!

While the temperature may be hot and humid, there are plenty of cafes and shady parks to hideout in for a few hours every day. After a day of taking Spanish classes at our Spanish language school located in the heart of Buenos Aires three blocks from the infamous Obelisk, hoping on a bus to the Bosques de Palermo or the Parque Las Heras will be a quick and enjoyable experience that might even become a routine! Or, you can go the other direction to San Telmo to an artsy bar named Rara, where they play relaxing music, display local art, and serve iced coffee! Iced coffee, if you do not know, is a hard to come by beverage here in Argentina.

Escaping the heat is also easily accomplished by taking Spanish lessons in an air-conditioned building for hours a day. However you decide to escape the heat, do not miss a Spanish immersion experience in Buenos Aires during the calmest time of year!