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We’re meeting up with our friends from the Buenos Aires English House this Sunday, May 25, at the traditional Feria de los Mataderos, the Mataderos Fair.This artisan fair, held every Sunday, showcases and promotes Argentina’s popular traditions.Since its creation in 1986, the Feria de los Mataderos has been known for its traditional handicrafts, artistic exhibits, gaucho displays, traditional games for children and adults, and regional food.You can also take advantage of the free weaving, guitar, and tango workshops.This Sunday’s fair will be especially interesting and traditional as it is a very important national holiday, the Día de la Revolución de Mayo, or the May Revolution.

The May Revolution was a non-violent revolution in Buenos Aires lasting from May 18th to May 25th in 1810. The revolution began when Buenos Aires received news that Napoleon Bonaparte had overthrown the King of Spain, Ferdinand VII.Buenos Aires decided to form its own government rather than to serve the new French King, Joseph Bonaparte.The May Revolution, initially an act of loyalty to the Spanish Crown, eventually acted as a precursor to independence from Spain.May 25 is now an important holiday in Argentina commemorating these significant events in history.

We will be celebrating this triumphant day by visiting the most traditional of Buenos Aires’ fairs, the Feria de los Mataderos.Come have a good time with the gauchos over regional food and drinks while learning about traditional Argentina!