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There are a lot of places where you can go to enjoy the nightlife of Buenos Aires. Whether you like to dance or watch the tango, want to experience the energy of salsa or when you like electronic music; there is something for everyone. In general Argentine people go to clubs around 02.00 o’clock. Before this they have drinks in their houses or they go to a bar. To give you an idea of places to go to:

Bahrein (dance club)

Address: Lavalle 345

Bahrein has successfully retained the original fittings of the century-old building while drawing a thoroughly modern late-night crowd to the ‘Funky Room’ disco, the electrónica party in the basement, and the laid-back Yellow Bar upstairs. For information about this place, see

Crobar (dance club)

Address: Marcelo Freyre s/n Palermo

Nothing beats strong drinks and a supremely attractive crowd of local twenty- and thirty-somethings writhing around on the dance floor. Don’t dress to the nines at Crobar – the atmosphere is trendy, but in a laid-back way. See for an impression.

Rosebar (dance club)

Address: Honduras 5445

This is a modern and trendy place where you listen to and dance on electronic and latin music. People are dressed up, otherwise you could not enter. For activities and parties see the facebook site.

La bomba de Tiempo (drums)

Address: Sarmiento 3131

For a unique party and a great experience, check out La Bomba de Tiempo. Every Monday you can see them at 7 pm playing on the drums. For information about them and what they are doing, check

La Catedral (Tango)

Address: Sarmiento 4006

La Catedral is a beautiful place where you can have a tangolesson. After your lesson you can see how locals dance the tango at the Milonga (dance event).

To give you an impression of the location: dim atmospheric lighting, art on the walls, food and drinks and a band playing beautiful music. La Catedral is a great and casual place where you can see and experience the tango. For more informati0n see

Cuba Mia (Salsa)

Address: venezuela 1200

In this place you can eat, see different shows, enjoy (salsa) music and dance. A lot of cubans come to this place to dance salsa. A nice place to meet this dance and great music. For information see

Of course there are a lot more great places to go to. Ask around and you will see what this city has to offer you. Enjoy!