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Steve Thompson graduated from the Arizona State University (ASU) in the spring of 2006 with a degree in Marketing and International Business.As a university student, he studied abroad in Alicante, Spain, where he happened to live with an Argentine family.The thrilling stories and pictures that his host family shared with him first sparked his interest in visiting Argentina some day. After a year and a half of working post-graduation in the states, Steve’s company asked him to relocate.Not feeling ready to do that, Steve decided to take the opportunity to pursue his dream of visiting Argentina and furthering his knowledge of the Spanish language.

Steve has been living here in Buenos Aires and studying Spanish with Expanish for seven weeks.To make the most of his nine-week stay in Argentina, Steve has been attending all of Expanish’s activities.Between the cultural and historical tours, museum visits, weekend excursions, group dinners and activities, Spanish language classes, and experience living with a porteña in a shared apartment, Steve says his already high expectations were more than exceeded.

A normal day in the life of Steve starts with a half hour of yoga in his room.He then usually chats over a cup of coffee with Verónica, his porteña roommate.Now relaxed and in Spanish mode, Steve hops on the bus to arrive to class at Expanish by 9.After class, Steve and other Expanish students grab lunch at a nearby café or bar. One way Steve explores more of the city is to take different routes back home to Palermo every day.It’s about an hour walk and has been great for discovering different neighborhoods along the way uptown.

Steve has been extremely pleased with his experience with Expanish here in Buenos Aires.For someone considering studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, Steve would stress the diversity and variety of the city:“I feel like I haven’t made a dent in the city.There’s never a dull moment.The people are friendly.The nightlife, culture, history…. There’s so much to see and learn”!