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Leaving home and traveling across the world is an exciting and thrilling adventure that sometimes can also be a little scary, to say the least. I know for myself and from other students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires that the first arrival in a foreign city, especially one as big as Buenos Aires, can be intimidating and a little challenging to get settled. There are things to do like find an apartment, enroll in Spanish lessons or tango lessons, or if you are looking for a longer term stay, a job. And so, to make your life easier, as it did mine, I am sharing the website with all the solutions, and usually pretty good ones at that,

For students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires, is like a God-given gift. Well, perhaps that is exaggerating a bit, but it is darn helpful. Many students living, working, or studying Spanish in Buenos Aires know about it, however, I am still surprised at how many do not, and for that reason I wanted to advertise it today. is originally from the United States, but expanded quickly to other countries around the world after its incredible success throughout the states. Anyone can use to publish an ad or look for an ad. When you access the site you can find countless countries and cities that have access to, all you need to do is click on the location you are interested in.

Once you access the site, you are able to explore all the headlines present. You will find everything from lessons to classes, rental apartments to real estate, services to a ‘for sale’ section, personal ads, discussion forums, and a list of job opportunities. For students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, makes finding Spanish lessons, apartments, jobs, and more, much easier.

One last thing; Perhaps the only downside to is that there is not real control of the site. Which means that anyone can publish a post or ad; there are no background checks, no client feedback forms, and no real contact information. This should be kept in mind at all times when using the site however, with a bit of caution is perfectly safe.

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