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If you are a student who has traveled abroad to study Spanish in Argentina there are a few destinations outside of Buenos Aires that deserve a visit and simply should not be passed by. Argentina is a country that has it all; mountains, flat plains, deserts, glaciers, coastline, forest, beach, skiing hills, lakes, and more, meaning that now matter your traveling style for vacation destination, there is something for you here.


This beautiful city with a combination of ancient and new age is a great place to explore as well as the jumping off point for some of the best visited sites in Argentina including the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Valles Calchaquies, and Tafi de Valle.


If you like wine and you like to enjoy it in style, Mendoza is your place. An architecturally beautiful city, Mendoza has a number of wineries and vineyards that can be visited by foot, bike, or car, and offer wine tasting as well as the chance to see how Argentina wine is produced.

Iguzau Falls

This world wonder can not be ignored if you are traveling to Argentina; over 80 waterfalls make up the falls, falling at heights as much as 80m, crashing below to rivers that run through a dense green jungle, fit for hiking anytime of the year.

Puerto Madero

If animals are you thing, Puerto Madryn is the perfect destination. Here you can catch tours that will put you in clear sight of whales, dolphins, penguins, sea lions, seals, killer whales, ostriches, llamas, and hundreds of different bird species.


The ‘Swiss’ influenced city of Bariloche offers a picture perfect city, world class skiing conditions in the winter, hiking and water sports in the summer, and overall a relaxing and peaceful vacation, best enjoyed with a local beer.

Take the advice above and enjoy your study Spanish in Argentina experience to the fullest!