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Having recovered from last week´s disagreement with my mate, I returned to my Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires with a rekindled enthusiasm, and in equal volume, a newly acquired caution with regards to jumping headlong into any untested Argentine traditions my teacher might care to mention… (see Friday the 8th Oct blog for details).

Being a new week, we had a few new faces thrown into the mix not to mention a few new accents; German Spanish being my personal favorite. The constant flow of students in and out of Expanish, though sometimes sad as old friends must leave, is also great because it means that the class dynamic is constantly changing and new people bring new ideas and opinions.  Equally, as I’ve progressed through the course, I’ve found the Spanish classroom conversation becoming continuously more interesting and amusing. A friend of mine once said to me, “you know you’re becoming good at a foreign language when you’re able to joke using it”. I do believe there to be an element of truth in that, disheartening though it is knowing that my occasional attempted witty quips continue to be met with the proverbial tumbleweed moving painfully slowly across the classroom. But maybe that’s just my sense of humor.

Having embarrassed myself enough in the classroom, I thought it might be an idea to venture out to Expanish´s Friday afternoon football activity and embarrass myself there instead.  On activities notice board in school, it states any ability, any experience, boys, girls and the lack of any other sort of criteria you might be able to think of. This was actually rather fortunate considering that the only criteria I fit with regards to football is “extra special”. However it was an afternoon very well spent with plenty of opportunity to get to know a whole load more Expanish students along with a chance to practice some (not always very polite) Spanish with the Argentines on the opposite team.

Tired and a determined to get better at football after an action packed day of Spanish lessons, sport and more Spanish, we headed of for a quiet beer to wind down for the evening. Salud!  


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