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Students studying Spanish in Argentina have no doubt been exposed to the very seductive and strict dance of Tango, seen in the streets, theatres, and cafés. However, this September, Buenos Aires invites in a slightly different form of dance that involves a little more body movement, energy, and booty shakin’. Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires can get their heart pumping at this year’s annual Workuba; an International Intensive Afro-Cuban and Latin Dance Workshop.

Workuba has taken various African influenced dance rhythms and combined them with modern and contemporary dances to make a total package dance workshop. Class content will include dance and presentation: Afro-Cuban, Rumba, Afro-Brazilian, Mambo, Salsa, Rueda, and Acting. Students in Spanish immersion courses in Argentina will have the opportunity to participate and learn about the different dance forms popular throughout Latin America.

As most students learning Spanish in Argentina will know, dance here, like in other countries around Latin America, has been and continues to be a very influential aspect of the culture. There has always been a connection between dance and personal freedom, and throughout history, the people of Latin America have seen a myriad of dance forms that have taken shape around each country’s culture.

This event is as popular among students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires as it is among Argentines; in years past, participants have been from Germany, Sweden, Israel, France, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, United States, and Australia. Students who come to learn Spanish in Argentina are also intrigued to learn about the tango, therefore, this workshop is a perfect addition to combine a Spanish immersion in Argentina experience with a Latino dance experience.

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires can sign up for Workuba any day before the 11th of September. The workshop runs from the 13th until the 27th and is located in the Danzario-Americano Cultural Center (Guardia Vieja 3559, Abasto). Classes start during the week from 730pm-930pm and on Saturday from 1pm-6pm; perfect for students in Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires who can head to the center in the evenings after classes.

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