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This winter, Buenos Aires is livening up its entertainment and culture scene, bringing artists, acrobats, musicians, clowns, and more to the city for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  The Ministry of Culture, City of Buenos Aires, Cultures France, and the French Embassy in Argentina are pleased to present the first ever Buenos Aires International Circus Festival.

This fabulous and full of life festival will offer unique performances and experiences to the people of Buenos Aires, showcasing artists from around the world including, France, Spain, Brazil, and Israel, all placing a special focus on contemporary circus. The city of Buenos Aires is especially enthusiastic about this event as it has never been featured before in the city, and considering the wide array and colourful Buenos Aires arts cultural, this funky circus event is sure to be a complete success.

The circus will be held at Combate de los Pozos between June 29 and July 5th and each day will have its own schedule and fixed performances.  Each day the venue will feature circus performances, music shows, clowns, and other various presentations between 16:30 and 19:30, for free.  The other times of they day will feature specific artists, galas, short shows, and lively presentations.  During the festivals dates tickets can be purchased at the door (Combate de los Pozos 1700, 2:00-21:00) or can be picked up at the following venues beforehand:
(Advanced Free Tickets: Casa de la Cultura (Avenida de Mayo 575: 11:00-17:00)
Regular Tickets:
Lee-Chi – Avenida Santa Fe 1670, local 42-43 (Monday – Friday 12-21:00)
Lee – Chi – Avenida Cabildo 2316, local B17 (Monday – Saturday 11-19:00)

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