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When you arrive in Buenos Aires you a lot to do. Check in at the hostel or at your host. You take your spanish classes every day at the school, discover the city and the different faces of Buenos Aires and go out at night for dinner with your new friends.

Buenos Aires is a melting pot of different nationalities and the biggest city of Argentina and of course a little hectic. So at the weekends is time to discover Argentina and get out of city and practice your spanish besides your classes. A great place to start is the Tigre Delta, it is just 30 km away from Buenos Aires and a totally different place.

You can get there by bus (90 minutes) or train (60 minutes). The town sits on an island created by several small streams and rivers and was founded in 1820, after floods had destroyed other settlements in the area, then known as the Partido de las Conchas.The name derives from the “tigres” orjaguars that were hunted there in its early years. Now it is a popular place to escape from the city during the hot summer period.

When you are arrived you have different options to build your own perfect day or weekend:

Puerto de Frutos

This port was developed to serve the Delta and to bring fruit and wood from the Delta and ports upstream on the Paraná river. Now it´s a crafts fair located in the old fruitmarket by the riverside. You find there a lot of hand made furniture or decoration. Maybe you find a present or a new piece to for your new temporary home.

Boot Tour

Next to the Puerto de Frutos you can find various companies, which offer boat trips through the Tigre Delta. A short tour costs around 50 Pesos for about an hour. They will explain you more about the history, the development, flora and fauna and the people they live there.


Besides the very touristic way you explore the Delta by kayaking in small group. You can book a half- day or full- day tour and meals are mostly included. You will paddle through unspoiled landscapes and enjoy the contact with the local flora and fauna. After a half day tour we be also time for a nap, a stroll, or even a swim in the river, or simply to enjoy the scenery.

The “Parque de la Costa” is an amusement park with plenty attractions. It is fun for young and old people. There is also a ferris wheel from which you have a really nice view. There are also different roller coaster and shows.

Have a nice day!