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Look to Fly to Argentina to take Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires?

As we all know, finding an affordable flight can be challenging, if not a little obnoxious, and it usually take a great deal of time to find one that is just perfect for us. Is there a better way?

There are a few tips and tricks for finding cheap flights and avoiding hours spent looking up countless sites on the web or phoning every travel agent in the city, plus learning when to stop looking and just purchase the ticket and knowing when paying a few more dollars is worth the cost!

Tips and Tricks to Finding Cheap Flights to Argentina

Consider everything but eliminate quickly
When searching for a flight you have the option to look online, searching airline sites or flight search sites. You can head into a local travel agent, or call them directly. Or, you can call directly to the airlines office.  It is almost guaranteed that you will get a different price from each, so usually this is a process that is worth the time. However, keep organized, note down dates and prices (with taxes), and remember to eliminate as you go. Often an extra charge is made when booking over the phone compared to the internet, so keep that in mind with final costs.

Be flexible
One of the best ways to find an affordable flight is to have flexible dates. This depends on your schedule but if you can, give yourself a week extra both ways, you would be surprised that sometimes a day or two before or after is a lot less money!  If you are searching online, always look for the “I am flexible with my dates’ option.

Get points
Almost every big airline today has a points system and while it may seem like you will never reap the benefits, you would be surprised how quickly these points add up. So stick to one point system if you can and also look for new ways to gain points and what those points can get you. Before you know it, your points will buy you a flight across the country.

Pay a little more…
Sometimes it is not worth it to save the extra $10 or even $100 dollars on a flight. Make sure you weigh out both of your options well and seriously consider if it is worth it to save $100 dollars when adding another 5 hours to your flight schedule.  Often times making more stops or flying on a no frills airline does not outweigh the money you saved, so think about it before you start saving!

Find that Flight, Save your Money, and Study Spanish in Buenos Aires today!