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Top 5 Buenos Aires Apps

Traveling abroad is easier these days: you can have all the information you need on your phone, and take it with you wherever you may go. In order to experience the best of Buenos Aires, here are some useful apps to download before your visit:

BA Cómo Llego: Used by both porteños and tourists, it´s the best way to know how to get from one place to another by public transport (subway, bus, and train), by car or by foot and to calculate how much time it will take. It´s free and available for Android, iPhone or Windows Phones. Most touristic hot spots are already on the app, so it doesn´t matter if you don´t know the exact addresses.

BA Subte: While staying in Buenos Aires you will need to use the subway regularly. With this app you can check the subway map, useful info about them and if there are any delays. It´s available for free for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

BA EcoBici: Buenos Aires is a bike-friendly city, so it´s a good idea to rent a bike and enjoy the city by bike. With this app, you can check the cycle lanes near you to plan your route and also all the bike rental places if you need to rent or repair your bike. The app is free and available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

GuiaOleo: It´s the most complete guide of restaurants and bars in the city, reviewed by the users. Before you choose where to go for dinner, you can check what everyone is saying about it on GuiaOleo. It´s free and available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

Trenes en Vivo: If you´re planning a trip to Greater Buenos Aires, taking the train is always a good choice. With this app you can check the timetable for the trains and see when it´s arriving at the station, it is updated with delays. This app is free and it´s available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Symbian.