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Top 5 Juices And Smoothie Bars In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has a lot to offer but Juice is definitely one of the harder things to find. After searching high and low I have managed to find 5 great places that offer both Juices and smoothies.

1.  Blue Deli & Natural Bar, Armenia 1692, Palermo Soho

This place is great, it has pretty much everything from Wheatgrass to Spirulina and Maça and Açaí too! The portion sizes are extremely generous as well!

2.  The Factory, 4995 El Salvador, Palermo Soho

This place is very reminiscent of the Juice bars in Europe, they have a great selection of fruit and veg. Great for those looking for a Green Detox Juice!

3.  Buenos Aires Verde, Gorriti 5657, Palermo Hollywood

Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants with loads of Vegan and Raw Options who said Buenos Aires just does Parrilla! They also have Almond milk and supplements for sale.

4.  Be Juice, Barrientos 1586, Recoleta

Be Juice has many Vegan/Vegetarian options and supplements such as Maça and Spirulina!

5.  Smooothaway, Soler 6036, Palermo Hollywood

Vegan café with a really great selection of Juices and Smoothies, they also sell various vegan products from Soy Yogurt to Cashew milk!

Some other great restaurants that have a selection of Juices!

Picnic, Florida 102, Microcentro

Picnic has a great selection of Juices, offers 15% to Expanish students and is only a 5-minute walk from the school.

Fifi Almacen, Gorriti 4812, Palermo

They have a great selection of Juices and offer 10% off to those who ride their bike there.

Ninina bakery, Gorriti 4738,

For those looking for delicious cakes with a Juice on the side, this place is for you! It is also one of the few places that are open until midnight during the week!

If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to comment below!