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Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires?  Need to make some of those basic decisions and not finding them so basic?  We are here to help!

Traveling Abroad

Backpack vs Suitcase

This is one of the most talked about items on a travel abroad experience. There are some travelers who swear by the ‘traveling backpack’ and others who still stick to the ‘trusty suitcase’. Let’s see the pros and cons of both:


Very typically suitable to traveling for its ‘take-me-anywhere” attitude (pro)
If it’s too big for you or two full, this thing can turn you body into a question mark (con)

The trusty suitcase, just grab it by its handle, pop it on its wheels, and get going. Lightweight! (pro)
If you have to go up and downstairs or walk along cracked (or non-existent) sidewalks or pavement, life gets tricky. (con)
Living Abroad

Independent  or Organized

Whether or not you plan to organize your trip, studies, etc, before you go is entirely up to you. Some traveler’s prefer to have a plan and other’s not! Pro’s and Con’s:


Live life by the seat of your pants! Wake up when you want, study Spanish went you want, hop on a plane when you want, the world is your oyster! (pro)
You may be too late to sign up for Spanish classes, there may be no more seats on the plane, and the oyster may have closed its shell. (con)

Planning your flight, accommodation, Spanish classes, etc, is a good way to have your life organized when you go abroad, leaving out any headaches and giving you ample to just enjoy your travels. (pro)
Too much organization can leave you with no room for change, meaning once you are abroad and settle in, you may want to change your accommodation, time of stay, etc…If everything is booked you will have to work around this.  (con)
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