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Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires?  Need to make some of those basic decisions and not finding them so basic?  We are here to help!

Check out Traveling Abroad and Studying Spanish. Decisions, decisions…
Bring or leave electronics

Many traveler’s today or students studying Spanish abroad are taking their valuable electronics from back home on the road with them. Items such as ipod’s, mp3 players, laptops, Macbooks, and digital cameras/video cameras are just a few of the fairly ‘pricey’ electronics that make ones life ‘easier’ and ‘more connected’ but carry the risky of theft, breakage, etc. Pro’s and con’s:

Taking electronics along

Having your ipod or laptop can make those long bus rides, nights at home, or subway rides to your Spanish classes much more enjoyable and give students the opportunity to stay in contact while abroad. (pro)
The weight, electric conversion, and possibility of breakage or theft are high; is it worth the risk? (con)
Leaving electronics at home

You don’t have to worry about any of your very valuable items getting stolen, lost, or broken, or the cost that comes with having to replace any of those items. Plus, no extra weight, no electronic conversion=no responsibility. (pro)
You will not be able to listen to your favourite song, email your parents at any given time, Facebook your friends, etc, without your laptop, Macbook, ipod, etc. (con)

Travel Style

Tourist or traveler?

How do you like to travel? Do you prefer to fade into a crowd or stand out as a foreigner? Is cultural immersion you thing or foreigner events?


This is a smooth transition into another culture; you speak your native language, you apply for foreigner tours, and you meet other interesting people from around the world. It may be the easiest way to travel abroad. (pro)
You won’t learn Spanish, you won’t meet local Argentines, and you probably won’t get a good understanding of the local culture. (con)

You will find that speaking Spanish with the locals, eating the local food, living with locals, and participating in daily life will open your eyes to entirely new way of  thinking.  (pro)
Be prepared to work your butt off; practice the language, put yourself out there, be social, try new things, and be adventurous. (There really is not a con to traveling like a ‘traveler’, so we will label this one a “difficult pro”)
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