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The unfortunate financial crisis that has hit the World in the last year has caused more havick than almost any other financial crisis we have seen in the last century. Countries and economies around the world have felt this financial blow and, although the situation has leveled somewhat, the after affects of this crisis will continue to be felt for quite some time.

So what is the light at the end of the tunnel?

The cost of traveling abroad for residents from the United States, Canada, and European countries has dropped considerably, so if you have ever thought about traveling or studying abroad, in this case to Argentina, this is the time to do it!

Last year, around this time, this is what the exchange looked like in Argentina:

United States: $1 = 3,20pesos

Canadian: $1 = 3,12pesos

Euro: $1 = 4,10pesos

Not a bad exchange rate for those traveling, studying, or even living abroad, making money abroad or using savings from back home.

The other change we have seen is in the price of international flights to Argentina: Last year, the price of flights was falling in the range of $1400.00USD, $1800.00CA, and $950.00EUR (minimums), and rising as high as a few thousand in each currency.

What is the difference today?

United States: $1 = 3,73pesos

Canadian: $1 = 3,21pesos

Euro: $1 = 5,08pesos

This year, we are seeing a lower price in flight costs, now in the range of $700.00USD, $1100.00CA, and $600.00EUR, and chances are you may not even have anyone sitting beside you.

So if you are considering traveling and studying Spanish in Argentina, this is the time do it. Exchange rates are good, flights are affordable, and tourism is on the rise meaning more travel options, better traveling and living conditions, and the opportunity to have your dollar take you to place in never could before!