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Truly Experience Buenos Aires Through Spanish Immersion

The success behind the Expanish experience begins with it’s dedicated and highly-qualified teaching staff. From there, the welcoming, on-site support team provides round the clock customer service to ensure an easy transition and carefree stay in Argentina. Finally, the Spanish language school is located in downtown Buenos Aires, so the vibrant Latin American culture of the city takes care of all the rest. Being able to walk out of the classroom and right into the heart of Buenos Aires makes the Spanish immersion experience easy and exhilarating.

And don’t forget about the Buenos Aires locals! From their eclectic taste in food to their passion for sports and the arts, Porteños are some of the most endearing people in the world. Their welcoming nature and eagerness to strike up conversations make Buenos Aires a perfect destination for studying Spanish. Whether it’s while sharing mate in the park, over some drinks at one of BA’s famous nightlife venues, or just during a friendly encounter on the streets, you will find yourself tied up in conversations with Porteños sometimes until all hours of the night.

So from its vibrant and unique neighborhoods to its mouth-watering food and endearing locals, Buenos Aires is an ideal city to study the Spanish language – and Expanish is the place to do it! As well as Expanish’s dedication to academic integrity and customer service, it offers weekly activities, workshops, and excursions; everything from soccer games to tango lessons. With a variety of low-priced group, individual, weekly and hourly classes, Expanish has an affordable option for everyone, so check it out!