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“Me gustas tu!” Not what you might normally hear in a classroom.[/caption]

So two weeks and have gone by since my first blog about studying with Expanish. That’s forty hours of class, hundreds of hours of practice, and several  hours of a slightly sore head after practice went on a little late into the night…  But that shows just how much you can progress in such a short space of time! You might think that after just two weeks of studying a language from beginner level, you would still be very much stuck at that the “una cerveza por favor”, kind of stage, or if you’re particularly switched on, you might be able to bore someone to tears with a list of what you like doing in your spare time…  However, when you´re immersed in a city like Buenos Aires, you have the opportunity to practice your Spanish every minute of the day; meeting other students at Expanish, going out for dinner, buying something from a shop and if nothing else, apologizing to everyone who´s toes you manage to stand on whilst sardine-packed into the Subte during rush hour.

So it would seem that my fellow students and I have come a long way in a very short space of time. When thinking about lessons, some may conjure up the idea of being back at school wishing all kinds of calamity to befall whichever idiot decided that simultaneous equations were a good idea. In reality, Spanish lessons here are more like a series of interesting discussions and picking up the language as you go. Of course, the grammar is important and we cover some of this every day- you don’t want to suffer the embarrassment of saying “Estoy caliente” on a hot day for example… people might get the wrong idea. Our teacher, Silvina, continues to keep our lessons fun and interesting by punctuating classes with different activities and teaching us some Spanish songs such as Manu Chao´s Me gustas tu”. They´re not at all hard to understand and a great alternative way to learn some new vocab.

The more Spanish I learn, the more my confidence grows, allowing me to meet and really get to know the people (or porteños as they are called) of Buenos Aires. Next stop, Argentine girlfriend… optimistic but what better way to practice my newly acquired skill?

Check my blog this time next week to see what news this week at Expanish will bring