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The Expanish Semester 2 Spanish Language Immersion Program is less than 3 months away! This program is ideal for university students interested in studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, looking to focus on learning Spanish.

The program includes 14-weeks of intensive Spanish courses at the prestigious Universidad de Belgrano.Students may choose to live with a host-family or with other students, including at least one native Spanish speaker.To supplement university courses, students can also choose to get involved with our volunteer and/or internship program to put their new language skills to use and gain work experience.

Expanish maintains a weekly activity calendar for students to have a good time while immersing themselves in the “porteña” life style.Weekly activities include group dinners, fùtbol games and tournaments, workshops with locals outside of the classroom, city tours, tango lessons, shows, and much more!We also regularly go on excursions to some of Argentina’s most exquisite destinations such as Mendoza and Iguazú Falls.Join the Expanish Facebook Fan Page for photos, more information, and student accounts of weekly activities and excursions.

The Semester 2 Spanish Language Immersion Program lasts from August 28 to December 5, 2008.Remember to sign up before June 28 and to enroll with a friend to save 10% on all program costs with our Friend Discount.

Study Spanish Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and learn about the enthralling culture while perfecting the melodic language.To learn more about this program, visit our website and join our Facebook Fan Page to get connected with others already down here.