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It is that time of year again… when we take one day to celebrate that ‘special’ person in our lives, or for some of us, to celebrate our freedom and future love!

Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires? What will you do this year from San Valentine in Buenos Aires?

So that all of us have a chance to enjoy this day, we have narrowed down the ways to spend it into to two categories: Couples & Singles.


There are plenty of romantic things to do in Buenos Aires!

1. Head to the Palermo Parks for some time in the sun; pack a snack and relax near the lake.

2. Buy a lovely bottle of wine and indulge with some good conversation.

3. Go to the MALBA and check out the local exhibits and great Latin American art.

4. Take the train to San Isidro and bask in the sun riverside and enjoy lunch outside.

5. Buy your special love a big bouquet of flowers from one of the fantastic flowers kiosks in the city.

6. Take a tango class and then go tango dancing at night.

7.  Buy delicious chocolates from Compania de Chocolates, located in Palermo.

8. Just because you are a couple doesn’t mean you can’t go out for drinks and dancing! Dress up in your best and head to Godoy for some delicious cocktails and a trendy atmosphere.


Get your single groove on in exciting Buenos Aires!

1. Buy yourself a box of chocolates from Compania de Chocolates, located in Palermo. Celebrate your single-dom!

2. Head to Plaza Serrano in Palermo and enjoy an outside lunch with friends, people watching and chit chatting with strangers.

3. Go shopping down the lengthy, and inexpensive, Santa Fe avenue – buy yourself something fun for the night!

4. Head to Koh Lanta in Palermo and celebrate their Valentines Party – Cupid is Stupid! – bringing your fantastic single self for a night of dancing!

5. Send your best friend a Valentine’s day card!

6. Check out the Recoleta Cemetery in Recoleta, admire the gorgeous tombstones, and after head to one of the local restaurants for some delicious traditional Argentine food.

Enjoy this Valentine’s Weekend anyway you can in Buenos Aires!