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If you are studying in Buenos Aires and would like to witness one of Argentina’s biggest national celebrations, the Dia de la Independencia (Independence Day) would be it. All over the country, in every city, town, and village, residents come outside and spend the day celebrating their countries independence though music, dance, ceremony, and festivities.

What happened on July 9th?

On July 9th of 1816, the Congress of Tucuman officially declared Argentina’s independence from Spain (in fact it was not even considered a country yet), and therefore severing all political ties between Argentina and Spain. This date also serves as the final date of voting in which the Congress of Tucuman decided, after much debate, to break away from Imperial control and move independently towards absolute self-rule. These two very special events in the realization of Argentina’s independence is why this national holiday is so celebrated throughout the country and why it is also referred to as Argentina’s day of birth.

What will you do this July 9th?

July 9th is celebrated with a national holiday, ceremony, and depending on where you are situated, everything from outdoor festivities to music and dance. In Buenos Aires, there is a ceremony held every year where thousands gather to celebrate this holiday together, as well as personal traditions such as spending the day together, celebrating with friends, hanging flags of your apartment balconies, honking, etc. No matter how you celebrate this holiday, with friends or family, make sure to get out in the city, bring your Argentine flag, and celebrate with locals, in real Argentine style.