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Where Is The Best Place To Learn Spanish? Spain!

If you are looking to learn Spanish, and haven’t quite figured out where the best place is yet, Spain should be on the top of your list! Learning Spanish in Spain will enable you to get in touch with the motherland of the language by learning Spanish, and the history of the culture. You will also be able to travel throughout Europe and Spain on a considerably low budget and immerse yourself in Spanish culture. At any age, and any point in your life, you are sure to value the experience of learning Spanish in Spain.

Learn the language in the Motherland

A brief history of Spanish

By studying Spanish in Spain, you will gain insight into the rich history held by the language. Both Spanish and Spain have developed, changed, expanded and contracted throughout the pages of history.
Spanish, as it is spoken today, was born out of a Latin dialect spoken in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula, around the fifth century. This original Spanish, however, is not what is spoken across the world today. This original Spanish is called “old Spanish” and while you might be able to understand it after a few Spanish classes, the structure and style were completely distinct to that which is “new Spanish”.
Similar to most other European written languages, the written existence of Spanish began around the 15th century, in the urban centers of Madrid and Toledo. To study Spanish in Spain is to gain access to the spaces and places where the language was born, both on the page and to the ear. The written language became standard for the region and was spread to the south during the Reconquista period.learn spanish in spain
The southern regions of Spain were originally inhabited by the moors, and due to this relationship, Spanish gained many Arabic words, such as “Ojala”(hopefully) “Azucar” (sugar) o “Fideo” (noodle). In this way, to study Spanish in Spain is to understand more than the old and original Spanish, but to understand the cultural and linguistic influences which have greatly impacted the language.

Spanish Language

Along with learning the history of the language in the very spaces, it was invented, by when you study Spanish in Spain, you will be learning the original version of the language. There are thousands of variations of Spanish across Latin America: for example the use of palta vs aguacate for avocado.
When you take Spanish classes in Spain, you will learn from local teachers. Their entire experience with Spanish is based in the original uses of Spanish words and original Spanish uses. Of course, needless to say, all Spanish across the world is of value and valid, but there is something particularly exciting about learning Spanish in its original form.
There are a variety of ways to learn Spanish in Spain such as:

  • Intensive Classes-Offered for 20, 25 or 30 hours a week, in intensive courses the language learner will engage in activities which expand their capabilities in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Private courses These courses offer the opportunity to work with a professor in personalized lessons and address the topics you are hoping to address in a comfortable classroom setting.
    Spanish in the CityIf you are interested in exploring the city and culture, some fluency, and your learning style is adventures and active, Spanish in the city is for you!
  • Evening Spanish CoursesIf you are already working full time, or busy with daytime activities, and evening course is perfect for goal-oriented individuals looking for classroom experience and achieving near fluency.learn spanish and flamenco
  • Spanish and cooking- Spanish and cooking courses allow you to take intensive Spanish courses in the morning include conversations and dynamics that encourage participation and conversation, as well as gastronomy vocabulary
  • Spanish and Flamenco-When taking this course you will be able to take group classes in the morning, and flamenco courses in the afternoon. This course option allows you to make a deeper connection to the Spanish culture by learning the language as well as the dance of the country!


Travel the Country and the continent

Exploring Spain

Full of diversity in landscape, architecture and food and people, when you study Spanish in Spain you gain the chance to explore it all! There are so many places to explore within the country, such as

  • Madrid- Explore this diverse city full of different kinds of neighborhoods, each holding its own personality and history. Easy to navigate on foot, the capital of Spain holds adventure at every corner.
  • Seville- Get lost in the Roman ruins and Arabic palaces splattered across the beautiful province of Andalucia . The capital of the province, Seville is full of architectural and artistic treasures as well as tapas bars and flamenco performances.
  • Granada- Take a trip down to Granada and become enveloped in the strong Islamic influence in both the architecture and cuisine.
  • Girona- Marvel at Medieval architecture and gothic histories in this beautiful riverside city.
  • Cava Freixenet- this area surrounded by mountains is the perfect chance to get to know the fine wines and Spanish wine history.
  • Montserrat- This beautiful mountain range is great for hiking and observing the beautiful views and unique rock formations.
  • Sitges- relax in this beautiful coastal town, ideal for day trips full of shopping and delicious food!

Travel the Continent

When you study Spanish in Spain you gain the opportunity to travel through Europe! Trains across Europe are fairly cheap, and flights can be even cheaper! Why not take your travel a step further by traveling in Europe? Or if you are already in the south take the jump to Africa, and visit Morocco!

  • Portugal- Located right next to Spain, Portugal is very easy to travel to! Full of cobblestone villages, beautiful cities, and medieval castles, Portugal offers a beautiful, historic experience.
  • France- Just a two-hour flight from Barcelona, France offers a wide variety of potential exploration and enjoyment. From the rich culture of Paris to the lavender fields of the south, from delicious bread and cheese, to visit the home place of champaign, adventure and pleasure are sure things in can travel to italy!
  • Italy- Hop on a quick flight and find yourself in the home of pasta, pizza, and luxury clothing! Discover the base of the Roman empire or soak up the sun on the white sand beaches, there is something for every kind of traveler!
  • Greece- Get to know the lively Greek culture full of delicious cuisine, passionate music, and warm people! The beautiful architecture and well historic locations provide an excellent opportunity to relax or adventure
  • Morocco- make the hop to a different continent and explore the tip of Africa! Explore the breathtaking mountain ranges, ancient cities, and expansive deserts.