Expanish Spanish School in Buenos Aires has been improving the Spanish language ability of students from all over the world since 2006 through Spanish immersion classes in both private and group settings. If you are looking to study a new language, but can’t exactly decide on which direction to take your studies in, or if you have already learned a bit of Spanish, and are looking for ways to get over that common plateau that comes along with learning any new language, we have compiled some facts that will definitely get you motivated to get working on your Spanish! By now, you have certainly heard about the growing popularity of studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, but take a look at what makes learning Spanish, or improving upon the skills that you have already acquired, so worthwhile and so significant for students from across the globe!

– Spanish is the native language of almost 400 million people in 21 countries worldwide. It is spoken by over 500 million people today, and is the third most spoken language in the world.

– Learning even a little Spanish will enhance any travel experience. Knowledge of a foreign language when traveling  to a Spanish speaking country will open you up to another culture and lifestyle and bring you opportunities that a traveler without the language skill would never have the chance to discover.

– More than ever, companies are valuing employees with a Spanish language ability, thus providing them access to one of the fastest growing markets in the world. In North America, Hispanics make up the fasting growing consumer market, with a growth of 60 percent in the past decade. More and more companies are looking to globalize and international trade is expanding.

– Spanish is the second most utilized language in international communication, and is an official language of the United Nation’s and it’s associated organizations

–  With talents, such as Miguel de Cervantes’, author of Don Quixote (the second most translated book in the world behind the Bible!), Pablo Picasso, founder the cubist movement, and numerous film stars from both Spain and Latin America, it is impossible to ignore the influence Hispanics have had on art, literature, and film across the globe.

– Currently in the US, one in ten residents speaks Spanish at home. The US Census Bureau is reporting that the Hispanic community should see a growth of up to 50 million by the year 2015. This influx of Spanish speakers creates a need for additional Spanish language media, such as television programs, newspapers and magazines, and radio broadcasts.

A knowledge of the Spanish language will have a profound affect on your life, whether your interests lie in business, education, or art. Check out Expanish Spanish School in Argentina to see even more reasons for studying Spanish, especially in Buenos Aires!