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For the first time this winter, the city of Buenos Aires is truly experiencing a cold spell and there is talk of snow coming to the city… As some of you might now, winter-like temperatures do visit this city ever year however, Buenos Aires does still have a fairly mild winter with plenty of sunny days and temperatures that seem to linger in between 5 – 15 degrees.

When was the last snow fall in Buenos Aires?

In the winter of 2007, Buenos Aires received snow for the first time in over 70 years and, to most, it was a beautiful sight. The snow fell for only a couple of days and disappeared as quickly as it came, however it did stay long enough for the people of Buenos Aires to experience the cold powdery stuff, some, for the very first time.

Does it snow anywhere near Buenos Aires?

Yes, it does. Yesterday, temperatures of -16 degrees were recorded in and near the city of Bahia Blanca, located in the southern Buenos Aires province, along with a beautiful snow fall. Other provinces in Argentina have also recorded snow, such as Rio Negro, Mendoza, San Juan, and Cordoba.

Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires? What should you do if it snows?

Put on your winter coat and your warm booties and go for a walk in the beautiful stuff. This is a rare event in Buenos Aires, so enjoy it!
Be careful of traffic as drivers are not used to these types of winter conditions on the road and there are bound to be a few slips and slides here and there.
Take lots of pictures because the snow will not last long.
Go to school! Snow does not mean a holiday and your teachers will be expecting your winter face to show up to class, even on a snow day!
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