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Expanish students recently took an excursion to Mendoza where they tried some of the country’s best wines. Argentina’s wine region extends along the foothills of the Andean Mountain Range between the provinces of Salta and Río Negro.The variance in climate and soil throughout the wine country provides for unique yet delicious wines from each region.

Argentina’s most famed grape, originally from the Southeast of France, is called Malbec and is most fertile in Maipú, Mendoza.Expanish students spent a day visiting different wineries in Maipú to explore the varietal Malbecs that are putting Argentina on the map for winemaking. This grape produces medium-bodied wines with earthy notes and a deep purple color.

Originally from Spain is the Tempranillo grape, which is one of Argentina’s most widespread varieties.It has recently become more popular in the making of fine wines as winemakers have just started discovering its potential.Cabernet Sauvignon, or “the king of reds”, is grown throughout Argentina’s wine region.With growing popularity in the province of San Juan, the Syrah grape is building on its reputation in Argentina.The country’s other applauded red varieties include Merlot, Bonarda, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Franc.

Argentina also has a diverse range of fine white wines that go well many different cuisines.Torrontés is the symbolic white grape of the country and is produced in the province of Salta.The Pedro Gimenez grape is indigenous to Argentina and accounts for over half of the white grapes planted in Mendoza.Mendoza’s altitude is ideal for Chardonnay, which covers over 4,600 hectares, or 11366 acres, of the region.Chenin Blanc, Semillón, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, and Reisling varieties also contribute to the assortment of fine white wines produced in Argentina.

Expanish students found their excursion to the wine country to be a huge success!Spanish Language student, Fran Benton, describes the wine as “gorgeous” and the scenery as “breath-taking” and recommends the visit to friends and classmates.Mendoza and its wine are not to be missed!