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You could never say that Argentines are not passionate nor stand up for what they believe in – Today, September 28, was witness to one of the biggest road blocks and protests that Argentine’s have been experiencing in the last week, with a highway line more than 8km long.

A large group of Kraft ex-employees were let go a couple of weeks ago when Kraft, who blamed the state of the economy for the drastic movement, could not find use for this group of staff any longer. Approximately 160 ex-employees have been protesting in Buenos Aires, closing off various highway and road passes, today creating a line of more than 8km. Protests are also taking place in the Santa Fe, Mendoza, Entre Rios, and Chaco provinces.

By the end of the morning, the group of protestors lifted their road blocks, for the time being, get ready to head down to the centre of the city to stage a very large and public protest, marching from the Congress, down Avenida de Mayo, arriving in Plaza de Mayo where the most famous Argentine protests have taken place for the past several decades.

The labour minister is keeping communication open with the ex-employees, working together to come to an agreeable situation for everyone, including the Kraft company.

If you are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, it can be an incredible experience to see a peaceful local protest and have an opportunity to see a group of people fight for what they believe in.  If you feel the need to experience this protest, we urge you to take care and stay out of the way. You can watch everything from a distance and at any time that you feel that mood is changing, head out of the there, and go and watch the spectacle from a television. Although many of the protests are peaceful, the danger of hundreds of people grouping together can prove to be very negative. So be careful and if in doubt, again, get out of there, and watch it safely on the television.