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Your Local Butcher

Clear your schedule! Don’t make any plans if you have decided to join friends for an asado. The social culture that brings friends and family together for an asado on a sunny Sunday afternoon requires dedication. Dedication for the “Asador” in cooking all the meat, dedication for those waiting while being tortured with the smell of the delicious assortments of meat that have been sizzling over a low burning wood fire. But have you ever been to the local butcher to see what kind of meat is available?  If you are not accustomed to going to the local butcher you might be overwhelmed when trying to wrap your head around the many different options of meat.  The following translations are some of the meats you may like and some of the ones you may want to avoid (if you don’t want to try cow intestines!!):

Cerdo: Pork
Ternera: Veal
Parillada: Selection of meats (probably your best bet if you’re new to Argentine meat  and want to order a selection of the most popular cuts & parts)
Morcilla: Blood Sausage or Black pudding
Entraña: Skirt steak (thin flat steak)
Vacio: Flank steak (thicker steak, one of the most popular options)
Chinchulin: Intestines
Riñones: Kidneys
Cordero: Lamb
Higado: Liver
Tira de Asado: Rack of ribs
Bife de Costilla: Rib steak
Bife de Lomo: Tenderloin
Bife de chorizo: Sirloin Steak
Chimichurri: Traditional condiment (mixed herbs and olive oil)