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Local Host Families in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The experience in a homestay in Buenos Aires allows you see first-hand and take part in how everyday locals live, their customs, traditions, and habits. You can stay in a single or double room (with the double option reserved for those students travelling together).

Living with a local host family in Buenos Aires will allow you to constantly practice your Spanish and quickly learn the language. You will share 2 meals a day with your family and have numerous opportunities to practice Spanish. We highly recomend to choose Homestay in Buenos Aires

More About Homestay Accommodation
High Level Spanish Practice

You will share the daily routine with your host family, along with 2 meals a day and cultural immersion.

Personalized Selection

Visited and previously approved by us, adapted to your specific needs

20-40’ Commute to School

The location of your homestay in Buenos Aires can vary, but will likely be an average of 20 to 40 minutes commute to the school.


Single us$ 295 | Double us$ 275

What’s included?


Private or Shared Bedroom

Half-board Breakfast and Dinner

Towels and Sheets

Weekly Bedroom Cleaning


Our homestays are located in the best and safest neighborhoods in the city and they will always be within a maximum of 40 minutes from the school. Example neighborhoods are San Telmo, Recoleta, Almagro, Villa Crespo, Palermo, Belgrano and many more. They will always be within 5 blocks of public transportation (subway or bus) that comes directly to the school to make your daily commute as easy as possible.

Reviews of Local Host Families in Buenos Aires

Homestay in Buenos Aires FAQ

Can you get to know the family before travelling?

You will meet the family the day you arrive to Argentina and to their home. All host families were checked and approved by the Expanish staff and the majority have worked with us for a long time and have hosted many students.

Is it only one student per homestay?

We have several host families with whom we work and some families can accommodate one student at a time, others can host many at the same time. Many of our hosts have only one available room (homes in Buenos Aires are typically not large), so we cannot guarantee you will be with other students. If you prefer one or another option, you can make it clear when you register and we will do everything possible to fulfill your special request within our host family network.

Do all host families have WiFi?

Yes, all accommodation options have guaranteed WiFi.

Where are the host families located?

All of our host families are located in the best neighborhoods in the city and are never more than 40 minutes away from Expanish, with many much closer. Buenos Aires is a large city, so it is common that students take public transportation (subway or bus) to get to school every day, just like the locals do.

Can I live in a place where I can walk to and from the school?

The best neighborhoods to live (Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano, etc) are not within a reasonable walking distance to the center (where the school is located). These areas have the best nightlife, beautiful parks, and exceptional restaurants. This is where the majority live (students, visitors, families). If your priority is commuting by foot, please make that known when you register. Although we cannot guarantee it, we always take into account the preferences of students when matching host families and students.

Can I have my host’s email address?

As hosts do not frequently check their email, we prefer that students contact us directly if they have questions about the host family’s home or shared apartment. If you want to say “hello” your host, we can give you their telephone number so you can contact them.

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