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Apartments for Students in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Reserve your stay in a private apartment for students in Buenos Aires and feel at home in Argentina. This provides you with privacy, comfort, and independence in the heart of the city that never sleeps.

Whether you are traveling solo or with friends, a private apartment for students in Buenos Aires is great for those who want their own space.

More About Private Student Apartments
Language practice

You will practice the language with foreigners who know how to speak Spanish during class time, but you will not be able to practice the language at home through this accommodation option. If you are interested in speaking Spanish outside of the classroom, we recommend the Homestay option.

Personalized choice

Visited and approved by us as part of our personalized service dedicated to your specific needs and preferences.

Distance to school 20’ - 30’

The private apartments have an average commute time of 20-30 minutes to school.


1-3 weeks us $400 | + 4 weeks us $365

What’s included?


Fully-furnished Apartment

Secure Access

Towels and Sheets

Weekly cleaning service

Full kitchen facilities


Our homestays are located in the best and safest neighborhoods in the city and they will always be within a maximum of 40 minutes from the school. Example neighborhoods are San Telmo, Recoleta, Almagro, Villa Crespo, Palermo, Belgrano and many more. They will always be within 5 blocks of public transportation (subway or bus) that comes directly to the school to make your daily commute as easy as possible.

Reviews of Private Apartments for Students in Buenos Aires

Private Apartment for Students in Buenos Aires FAQ

Which is the most popular accommodation option?

The Homestay is Expanish’s most popular student accommodation option due to the Spanish immersion experience.

When will I get more information about the housing option I chose?

You will receive information about your host, location and amenities (depending on the option chosen) two weeks before your first day at Expanish.

Can I change the accommodation option that I chose?

Your satisfaction is important to us, so if something does not meet our high quality standards or the Expanish guarantee, then students can ask the Housing Director to change rooms within the same accommodation type, such as Homestay to another Homestay. However, students cannot change from a Homestay to the Student Residence.

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