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School Activities in Buenos Aires

Free Spanish Activities in Expanish Buenos Aires

Expanish offers Spanish activities in Buenos Aires to all of its students included at no extra costs. These school activities in Buenos Aires allow students to discover the city and experience Argentine culture in a fun and interactive way.

Every week there are 4 free activities available to students

Additional low-cost activities are also offered

Activity schedules vary throughout the year and are finalized a month in advance

Students sign up for activities after arrival at the school

Activities all week long, including Saturdays and Sundays

All school activities in Buenos Aires are optional

4 Free activities per week for guaranteed fun

Each week, we organize Spanish activities in Buenos Aires for all students that you will not want to miss. They are divided into 4 categories: Cultural, Social, Academic, and Welcome, allowing you to make new friends while practicing your Spanish and getting to know the magic of Buenos Aires.

School Activities in Buenos Aires

Social Activities

Plenty of opportunities to make new friends at student dinners, after/office drinks, game nights, fútbol matches, and more, all organized by Expanish. Each week you will have the opportunity of making new friends all over the world and practice your english having lots of fun!

School Activities in Buenos Aires

Cultural Activities

Tango classes, mate tastings, and historical tours are some of the ways that we provide a true immersive experience into Argentine culture. Get to know everything about Argentina and it local customs, all this activities are guided by local argentine teachers.

School Activities in Buenos Aires

Welcome Activities

We want you to feel welcome from the very first moment. Meet some of the Expanish staff and fellow students at our weekly welcome events which include meeting for a picnic, drinks, coffee, or a wander around an outdoor market.

School Activities in Buenos Aires

Academic Activities

These activities include workshops on searching for a job in Spanish, museum tours, learning slang terms and local idioms, and more. Through this activities, you’ll learn to speak like a local argentine!

School Activities in Buenos Aires

Low-Cost, Add-On Activities

Add on any of the following traditional Argentine experiences for a small fee.

  • Soccer (Fútbol) Game
  • Estancia Day
  • Argentine Cooking Class
  • Tango Show
  • Wine Tasting
  • Bike Tour
  • Graffiti Tour
  • Group Salsa Lesson

If you are looking to explore further outside of the city, check out our excursions.

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