Spanish Courses for Teachers in Barcelona

Spanish Immersion Program for Teachers in Barcelona

Spanish courses for Teachers in Spain is a two-week development program in Barcelona, crafted specifically for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. This course consists of theoretical classes and teaching practice which includes leading Spanish lessons at Expanish in Barcelona.

The course is designed for native or non-native speakers of Spanish who teach the language as a second or foreign language. Course participants must have at least a C1 level of Spanish by the CEFR. Participants of the Spanish Courses for Teachers in Spain must have a desire to improve their language teaching skills, an interest in acquiring practical didactic knowledge in the classroom, theoretical and methodological pointers and in learning about the preparation and elaboration of authentic material for these purposes.

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Spanish Courses for Teachers in Barcelona Quickfacts

Lessons per Week: 30 lessons per week (20 Spanish lessons + 10 teaching practice lessons)

Class Length: 50 minutes

Program Duration: 2 weeks

Schedule: Spanish classes on Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 14:30 and teaching assisting from 2:30pm to 5pm (approx) two days a week.

Spanish Level: C1 or higher

Class Size: 10 students maximum

Start Dates: July 15th, 2019 and July 22th, 2019

What’s included: Certificate, Welcome pack, Spanish course book, Immersion Activities, 24/7 emergency assistance, orientation.

Spanish Courses for Teachers in Barcelona
Spanish Courses for Teachers in Barcelona
Spanish Courses for Teachers in Barcelona

Spanish Lessons for Teachers in Barcelona Content

Spanish for Teachers in Spain will focus on the theoretical frameworks of varying teaching methods of existing ELE and will demonstrate to participants the different methods of incorporating the communicative method within a Spanish class setting. The course will also provide participants with the practical tools they will need to structure their own ELE classrooms by offering a range of resources including:

  • Structuring a class
  • Managing teacher-student interactions
  • Identifying and teaching to different learning methods in students
  • Presenting grammar and vocabulary
  • Adapting and preparing didactic materials
  • Using images, audio, and video (ICT)
  • Incorporating educational games and activities in a classroom productively
  • Distinguishing and correcting common mistakes and errors
  • Evaluating student progress
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Sample Daily Schedule
9:30 AM
1st group module
11:20 AM
2nd group module
12:30 PM
3rd group module
01:30 PM
04:30 PM
Teaching Assisting
Spanish for Teachers Course Structure

The course is a total of 30 lessons. 20 lessons will be theoretical during which participants will discuss the practical implementation of what they learn. These classes will take place 9:30am-1:30pm, Monday – Friday. The final 10 lessons will allow the participants to act as teaching assistants, during which participants will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real world classroom with groups of multicultural students of different levels studying in the Spanish school. These practical lessons will take place the second week of the course from 2:30pm-5pm, two days a week.

Method of Evaluation and Certification

The course evaluations consist of a final exam and two practical presentations. The latter consist of putting together a sample class together with its corresponding didactic material (physical and visual). Attendance and punctuality is another point that should be evaluated, with 80% attendance for the theoretical classes and 100% for the practice. At the end of the program, each student receives an official certificate proving their participation in the course.

The Academic Team

Alex Palau

Saray Guirao

Saray Guirao


Paula Cerderia

Academic Director
FAQ about Spanish for Teachers in Spain

Can I take the course any time of the year?

No, we have specified start dates for this course.

Where do the teacher shadowing lessons take place?

The teacher shadowing lessons take place in our school as well as classes.

Is there a minimum Spanish level requirement?

Yes, this course is intended for teachers of Spanish as a second or foreign language and who have a minimum Spanish level of C1 (advanced).

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