Expand your language skills with a Spanish Immersion Program

One of the most wonderful things about learning a new language is realizing that the conversations which used to be hard to follow are now simple, and plot twists in telenovelas now shock when they once meant little with no subtitles. One of the best ways to truly enter this world is through a Spanish Immersion program, which offers you a doorway not only to advancing your Spanish but a deeper understanding of the Spanish Speaking world.

The best way to experience a Spanish Immersion Program is to go to a Spanish speaking country. When you participate in a Spanish Immersion program, you begin to understand conversations which used to pass you by because you have gained the ability to know the meaning of words which are not in the dictionary. The plot twists in the tela-novella can be understood because they are not so different than those discussed at the dinner table.

Have a Blast in Spanish Class

A basic building block of learning a language can be provided in the classroom, where a small teacher to student ratio offers the opportunity to engage with the material in depth. Often, community style teaching methods are used, which encourages language learners not only to speak Spanish with their professor but to engage with each other in Spanish as well. In this way, the student is able to gain the conversational skills which will be required in other aspects of the immersion program. If you are looking to learn outside the classroom, we also offer classes which offer a complete immersion experience as you study Spanish in Buenos Aires or at our Spanish Language School in Spain

Make Yourself at Home

To immerse yourself with the base of the culture, a homestay  with a local family is essential. In many places, the family is the foundation in which one can grow, and staying with a local family provides exactly that experience for the language learner. During a home stay, you gain the opportunity to observe and participate in a family, which is sure to expand your vocabulary and understanding of the culture. Much can occur over a shared family dinner, which lends itself to an immersion experience as you learn to converse, joke, dispute, and sometimes light heartedly argue in Spanish.

Spread Your Wings: Become a Social Butterfly

While a trip on a city tour bus to sight see offers a few good picture opportunities, organized social activities provide events and experiences which are sure to gain more than just a few likes. Our immersion program at Expanish supplies a variety of social activities which take you deeper than just the language of the culture. Activities such as welcoming orientations, speakeasy crawls, game nights, and dance classes allow language learners to take in a bit more than just language as they engage and participate in these activities.

Roll up Your Sleeves

Working with local business and organizations opens the door to another form of immersion: that of the professional world. Whether it is an internship in your field of interest, or several hours a week of volunteering at a children’s home, teaching English, or assisting the elderly, this involvement provides immense depth to the immersion experience. While the language learners advance in comprehension of the language used in the professional setting advances their knowledge, the work experience not only looks wonderful on a resume, but deepens the cultural richness of the language learner.