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Spanish Lessons Buenos Aires

Private Spanish Lessons

Supplement your group classes with Private Spanish Lessons in Buenos Airescustomized to fit each student’s individual language-learning goals. Our Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires offer personalized attention and materials designed specifically to cater to the student’s needs and interests, and are offered in accordance with the student’s schedule and availability.

Sign up for as few as two lessons per week or fill your entire schedule with Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires tailored to meet your Spanish language acquisition goals in the way that best serves you!

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Quick Facts Private Lessons

Lessons per Week: Minimum of 2 classes per week

Class Length: Each private lesson is 50 minutes

Schedule: Flexible

Levels: From A1 to C2

Class Size: 1

Start Dates: Any time from Monday to Friday

What's Included: Welcome pack, Spanish Course Book, immersion activities, 24/7 Emergency Assistance, Benefit card, Orientation.

Spanish Lessons Buenos Aires
Spanish Lessons Buenos Aires
Spanish Lessons Buenos Aires

Who Should Take Private Spanish Lessons?

Those who want flexibility and customization should choose a private Spanish course in Buenos Aires. Individual classes allow you to focus on the concepts that you are most interested in and allows you to move at your own pace. Overall, private lessons will focus on the four key language skills (writing, speaking, reading, and listening) while also making sure that the instruction focuses on strengthening your weaknesses and creating lessons that appeal your personal learning style. Feel free to let us know exactly what you’re looking for, and we will make it happen.

Sample Day
9:30 AM
11:20 AM
Private lesson
12:30 PM
Private lesson
1:20 PM
02:30 PM
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What Should I Expect in the Classroom?

You can expect to improve your Spanish level significantly in a short period of time by concentrating on the areas of the language that you find most difficult and receiving uninterrupted personalized attention from the teacher.

You will find yourself developing confidence in speaking Spanish and listening as the teacher can focus on correcting your individual errors and problem areas in a supportive and encouraging one-on-one environment during your Spanish lessons.

The Academic Staff
Sofia Castella

Sofia Castellá


Gabriel Aragona

Academic Director

Ángeles Adaniya

FAQ Private Lessons

Can I add on private lessons if I'm in another course?

Yes. In fact, we recommend private lessons in additional to group lessons to focus on individual improvements.

What type of content will I be learning in class?

While you will learn Spanish through the four key learning methods (listening, reading, writing, speaking), private lessons can be tailored to your interests and language needs.

Can I take just 1 hour per day?

The minimum is two hours.

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