Teaching Methodology at Expanish

At Expanish we focus on the Communicative Method when it comes to teaching the language, ensuring a well-rounded approach to learning. We concentrate on helping students develop the four key areas of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We include activities focused on the cultural and linguistic approaches of the country the student chooses to study abroad in, focusing on subjects such as current events, dance, and sports, among others. This, paired with the immersive experience of living in a Spanish-speaking country and our accomodation options, provides students with a clearer context through which they further develop the language.

Our teachers are all professionals, with several years of experience under their belt, and have also helped design some of our class materials. In the small classrooms, our students are the focus of their attention and this helps them progress at a quicker pace. For more information on our teaching methodology, you can look HERE.


Expanish, IPSL Global Institute at NUNM, and IALC! 

Our teamwork creates an environment for success!

Expanish is proud to offer official academic credit from an accredited university in the United States. All students studying Spanish at our school can choose to receive a U.S.-based transcript for the language courses they complete with us.

Expanish has a School of Record relationship with the IPSL Global Institute at the National University of University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). IPSL, the founder of Service-Learning, is a global education institute within the National University of Natural Medicine. National University of Natural Medicine is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

International Association Of Language Centres

Students enrolled in approved language courses receive an academic transcript. In addition to the rigorous reviews conducted by the International Association of Language Centres (IALC), our School of Record reviews every Expanish course, general academic practices, physical facilities, policies and standards. With their approval, after process of observation and evaluation, the courses at Expanish receive a course equivalency based on similar courses offered at universities in the United States. Our courses are therefore validated for United States Higher Education credit by our School of Record.

IPSL faculty and/or staff regularly perform site audits and curriculum review, thereby providing the requisite external oversight for our language programs. By conducting periodic reviews and creating site audit reports, this helps us reach our goals for academic and student support excellence. Please inquire how you can receive valuable, academic credit for our programs.

Credit FAQs

Q: What types of language courses are included in this agreement with the university in the United States?

A: Expanish can provide official academic credit for levels A1 – B2.


Q: How many credits can a student earn?

A: Credits are dependent on the number of instructional hours a student successfully completes. One may earn up to 13.5 quarter-based credits (9 semester-based credits) per level. In other words, in level A1, one can earn from 1.5 to 13.5 quarter-based credits (1 – 9 semester-based credits).


Q: How much does it cost to receive an official transcript?

A: In most instances, the transcript will add US$ 350 to the cost of the language program.


Q: How do the credits transfer to another institution?

A: Please note that all language credits taken while participating in a NUNM-approved language program will be recorded on an official NUNM transcript upon program completion. One may need to make advanced arrangements with one’s academic advisor/department in order for the language courses to satisfy particular program requirements..

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Q: What is the difference between semester and quarter credit hours?

A: 1.5 quarter credits is equivalent to 1 semester credit.


Q: What if a student is completing language courses online?

A: It does not matter whether the course is offered online or in situ; official academic credit will be awarded for either modality.


Q: Does a student have to submit a language course syllabus to the student’s university for evaluation and approval?

A: In most cases, yes, a student will need to submit a syllabus for each course for evaluation. If a student is not sure about this, s/he should check with their Global Education/Study Abroad Advisor.


Q:  What if a student doesn’t need official, academic credit?

A:  Paying for college is expensive! One can earn valuable college credits for a college education – with an official transcript, students will save money and be ahead of the game!


Q:  Why is academic credit important?

A:  Professionals may need validation they are language proficient in order to advance their career. Plus, students currently in college may be able to complete foreign language requirements by completing programs with the language school!

Credit Source

The National University of Natural Medicine is the oldest integrative medical school in the United States.  For language courses successfully completed at Expanish, NUNM is the “School of Record,” a designation that allows the institution to certify studies completed at schools around the world that are not currently U.S. accredited institutions. This means that by studying Spanish at our language school, you can receive valuable – and official – academic credit from an accredited university in the United States. You may then be able to transfer this credit to any future university where you choose to study.


NUNM has a long tradition of providing excellent training for naturopathic physicians and classical Chinese medicine practitioners.  In addition, programs in Global Health, Nutrition, Integrative Medicine Research, International Development and Service, and Community Organizing and Social Activism continue the institution’s understanding that in order to engage individuals and communities effectively, we must address global language skills within the curriculum.  We believe that language proficiency and intercultural skills enhance the ability of students to be more effective in the attempt to improve the health and wellness of communities throughout the world.

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Choosing the Right Program

Interested in joining countless others who have taken the plunge into the world of Spanish but not sure where to start? Head over to our pages for independent student programs in Barcelona or Buenos Aires to find out more!

Starting from our 3 week May Term, all of our programs, be they sessions, quarters or semesters, permit you to apply for our scholarships and make use of any additional financial aid you may qualify for.

All programs are based on our Intensive Spanish 20 hour course, with small class sizes to allow for personalized attention from the professor in a relaxed and comfortable environment, at all Spanish language levels, from beginner to advanced. Check each program to see how many credits you can earn.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a program and join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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