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We know you have some questions and need a bit more information about us and what we offer. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about a variety of topics. If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us directly and we would be happy to help.

Course FAQ

How do I choose between the Spanish programs offered at Expanish?

Our intensive group courses Intensive 20 and Intensive 30, are the most popular options. They are great for those who like to learn in a group atmosphere, practice with their peers, and want to study in an intensive setting. For those seeking to focus on a particular aspect of the language or those who are unable to devote 20 hours each week, our individual lessons are the best option. Ask our student advisors for more information regarding what Spanish program in Buenos Aires is best for you!

What level of Spanish language classes should I take?

Our levels are matched to the Spanish Curriculum of the Cervantes Institute and adhere to the Common European Framework for languages which distinguishes 6 different language levels.
All students will sit for a placement exam on their first day which allows us to assign you to a group class with students of the same level. Do not worry if you do not speak a word of Spanish – many of our students have no prior Spanish knowledge before they arrive. You will, however, be speaking Spanish in the classroom from your first day.

What qualifications do Spanish language teachers have?

All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers and have extensive prior experience teaching Spanish to foreigners. In addition to their professional credentials, teachers are chosen for their ability to keep students entertained and effectively communicate with all students.

What is the focus of the advanced classes?

Advanced Spanish classes focus on learning the finer points of grammar, such as uses of the subjunctive and idiomatic expressions, as well as conversational and written skills. Discussion topics vary according to students’ interests.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is made up of 6 students. We keep the class sizes small to ensure rapid language development.

Should I bring any materials to class?

All class materials, such as textbooks, are included in the cost of tuition. However, it’s always a great idea to bring basic school supplies, like a pen and paper and any other personal study materials to your first day of classes so that you can take notes.

When are the class start dates?

The official start date for all courses is every Monday, unless Monday falls on a national holiday. We realize that students cannot control flight schedules and that not everyone can meet these dates. If you will be starting later in the week, you could begin your studies with individual lessons and then join a group course the following Monday.

How long is each Spanish group class?

Expanish Intensive Spanish 20 group classes meet for four hours per day, Monday through Friday and include two daily breaks. The classes are most commonly scheduled in the morning, but Expanish may open afternoon sessions if necessary. Morning classes start at 9 am and afternoon classes at 2 pm. Your exact schedule will be determined upon arrival.

I would like to focus on business, health care, law, etc. Do you offer such programs?

If you wish to have specialized classes, choose one of our combination courses in business Spanish, medical Spanish or cultural classes. We can customize other types of content for individuals or groups upon request.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a course certificate stating the number of hours of lessons you completed and Spanish level as well as course dates and a signature by the Academic Director. You will receive it on graduation day (held every Friday afternoon for students leaving the school).

Volunteer FAQ

Can I join a volunteer program if I have never studied Spanish?

Yes, but Expanish offers limited volunteering options for beginning Spanish speakers whereas those with an intermediate level have more options available to them. Please note that all volunteers are required to take 2 weeks of Intensive Spanish courses before beginning their volunteer program in order to learn basic Spanish-language speaking skills and to become acclimated to the culture.

Are accommodations and meals provided to volunteers?

No, the Volunteer program is a way for passionate Expanish students who are ready to donate their time to communities that need and appreciate their efforts. It does not include accommodations or meals.

Which type of organizations do you work with?

Expanish works with various NGOs and volunteer programs in Buenos Aires. The opportunities we have available include: teaching english, volunteering with senior citizens, volunteering with children, tutoring, and environmental volunteering.

Where are the volunteer sites located?

Volunteering sites are normally located just outside of the city limits (within one hour), as that is where the communities that need a helping hand are located. Placement sites may vary. An Expanish staff member will accompany new volunteers to the placement site on their first day to meet with the Volunteer supervisor.

Internship FAQ

How does the assignment process work?

We offer customized internships based on a thorough application and interview process. You can find the exact process and timeline outlined on our Internship page.

What internship sites do you work with?

Expanish works with high-performing businesses and nonprofits in a variety of fields throughout the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Will I find out where I am interning before I travel?

Yes, you will be advised of your placement 1 month prior to arrival. Expanish recommends beginning the internship process 16 weeks before your arrival in Argentina to allow ample time to complete the process and receive an offer before your program start date.

Internship FAQ

How does the assignment process work?

We offer customized internships based on a thorough application and interview process. You can find the exact process and timeline outlined on our Internship page.

What internship sites do you work with?

Expanish works with high-performing businesses and nonprofits in a variety of fields throughout the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Will I find out where I am interning before I travel?

Yes, you will be advised of your placement 1 month prior to arrival. Expanish recommends beginning the internship process 16 weeks before your arrival in Argentina to allow ample time to complete the process and receive an offer before your program start date.

Housing FAQ

Are the accommodations close to the school?

We place you as close as possible to the Expanish Spanish language school and guarantee that you will be no further than 40 minutes away by public transportation.

Do I need to book accommodation with my course?

No, when registering online, you will have to choose if you want housing or not. However, we highly recommend a local homestay or shared apartment for Spanish language practice outside of class.

May I begin my accommodation before my classes start?

Yes, you may begin your accommodation at any time. You are also able to stay in your accommodation after your course is over. As we want to find you the best match for your length of stay, we encourage students to register as early as possible to ensure availability.

What do you offer for accommodation?

We offer a variety of homestays as well as more independent options like a student residence and shared and private apartments. We can also recommend alternative housing options like hostels or hotels. If you are unsure of what is the option best for you, please contact a member of our admissions staff and for more information, visit our Accommodation in Buenos Aires page.

Can I find less expensive housing once I come?

Expanish does its absolute best to cut costs for students and keep our prices as close as possible to real rates within Buenos Aires. While you may be able to find your own housing once you come, you must keep in mind that prices are always higher for short-term renters (less than a standard 2-year contract). Additionally all our housing options are fully furnished and include utilities, combining both costs into one price per week for our students. Also keep in mind that we don’t require a deposit for any our housing options except for the private apartment option.

General FAQ

Why should I choose Expanish over other Spanish schools in South America?

Expanish has taken on the challenge of creating the context for an enriching, unforgettable experience for students seeking to study Spanish in South America. Unique among Spanish schools, our programs are meant to offer students a high-quality language education in Argentina. Each day we attempt to make Expanish synonymous with the chance to live, breath, and truly experience the Spanish language. We are convinced that all students who choose to study with Expanish will leave Latin America with improved Spanish language skills, an understanding of Argentine culture and wonderful memories involving the language in and out of the classroom. In 2012 we were award the Star Spanish Language School award by Study Travel magazine, which lets us know that our standards and quality stand out from other schools around the world. We are also members of IALC, International Association of Language Centres, an independent language school association with a well-respected vetting process for its members. Expanish is the only IALC school in Argentina.

Do I need a visa to study Spanish at Expanish?

Citizens of many countries only need a passport to enter Argentina and may stay legally for up to 90 days as a tourist. You should, however, check our Visa page for details, and ask your Consulate to determine specific entry requirements such as entrance fees.

What documents do I need to enroll?

You will just need to fill out a Registration Form with your personal information and that’s it.

Am I too old for a language school? Too young?

Expanish has a mix of ages between 16 and up! We welcome students who are 16 years and older to study Spanish at Expanish Spanish School in our intensive group classes. We also receive children younger than 16 who are travelling with family members. Our students come from very different backgrounds in terms of age, nationality, profession, and interests. The diverse group of Expanish students contribute to the unique learning experience at our Spanish Language School. Students of all ages will meet plenty of fellow classmates with common interests and a shared passion for international travel.

How do I get from the airport to my accommodation?

For student’s convenience, we offer an Airport Pick-up service, and we can arrange for one of our trusted drivers to meet you upon arrival at either the Ezeiza (Ministro Pistarini) International Airport (located 45 minutes outside of Buenos Aires) or the Aeroparque (Jorge Newbery) Airport (located in the city) and transported directly to your accommodation. Please check the Prices List page for the cost of an Expanish airport pickup.
We recommend you take advantage of our service as it is the safest way to arrive at your accommodation on the first day. However, students who are not interested in this option can arrange a “remise” (private car) once they arrive at the airport. For your safety, please arrange a taxi from the taxi desk at the arrival entrance where you will pay a flat rate up-front.

How will I meet other people and make friends in South America?

You will begin your stay in Buenos Aires with a program orientation where you will have the opportunity to meet other program participants. You will also be able to meet other students in your classes, during workshops and weekly activities, in your homestay or shared apartment, and through the local Expanish staff.

Is there someone I may speak with about your Spanish school?

Of course! You can contact an Admissions Advisor with any specific questions you may have about classes, housing, Buenos Aires or Argentina using the information listed on the Contact Us page.

How many weeks should I study in Argentina?

Any amount of time learning Spanish will be beneficial; however, it generally takes four to six weeks of full immersion courses (20 to 30 hours of classes per week, plus a homestay) to advance to the next language level.

What is a typical day like?

For more information on timetables please visit the course page. Intensive Spanish group classes begin in the morning (at 9 am) or afternoon (at 2 pm). Private One-to-One classes usually take place in the afternoon (between 2 pm and 6 pm). In the afternoons and evenings, you can take advantage of the cultural activities that Expanish offers throughout the week or you can add on One to One classes or Crash Course modules to complement your regular Spanish course.

What is public transportation like?

Buenos Aires is a very big city but luckily it is also very easy to get around using public transportation. The city has a subway system with multiple lines (Expanish is right next to Line “B”) and city buses. To take any method of public transportation in the city all you need is a SUBE card. You can buy your own SUBE card on your first day from Expanish! SUBE cards can be refilled with cash at many points throughout the city. You will also see people walking to get around or taking taxis, which are inexpensive.

May I receive university credit?

Expanish has partnered with a local Argentine university to offer university credit for any of our courses. For every 10 hours of group classes the university offers 1 credit and we emit a transcript for the student at the end of their program. There is an additional administrative fee for this. If you are interested in university credit, you can found more information on our University Credit Program page, or contact our staff for more details.

What additional services do you offer?

A list of services included in the cost of our courses is shown below:

  • Course Materials
  • Welcome Pack
  • New Student Orientation
  • City Center Tour
  • WiFi and Computer Access at the School
  • Free Activities Each Week
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Course Certificate
  • Student Benefit Club Card

You can be assured that the Expanish team will help take care of all the necessities of your stay, both foreseen and unforeseen. Whether you need airport transportation, travel insurance, staff assistance, etc., Expanish students can count on our staff to take care of all their needs from the very first day through the very last no matter what the circumstances may be.

What activities do you have?

Expanish hosts a variety of activities each week that are free or low-cost. We have a range of things to do from social activities such as a language exchange at a bar to cultural activities such as a guided tour to a museum. In one week, you may be able to try a free tango class, have a taste of Argentina’s original “mate” drink, and learn some Spanish slang in an afterschool lesson.