Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina Francais Estude espanhol em Buenos Aires na Argentina Leer Spaans in Buenos Aires, Argentina Lernen Sie Spanisch in Buenos Aires, Argentinien Aprender español en Buenos Aires, Argentina Lär dig spanska i Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Apprenez l'Espagnol à Buenos Aires en Argentine

L'Ecole d'Espagnol Expanish à Buenos Aires offre aux étudiants une expérience de l'apprentissage de la langue unique en associant cours d'Espagnol et expériences culturelles authentiques, permettant aux étudiants de s'immerger totalement dans la culture argentine... Lisez plus

Cours d'Espagnol Heures/Semaines Niveau d'Espagnol Date de début
Espagnol Intensif 20 20 heures par semaine Tous Tous les lundis
Un à Un Choix des heures Tous Tous les jours
Espagnol et Bénévolat +15 heures par semaine Tous Tous les lundis
Cours de survie 2 heures par jour Débutants Tous les jours
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97%de nous étudiants nous recommandent

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  • Certificat de cours d'Espagnol

Quiero decirles que la escuela es fantástica, los profesores extraordinarios y los métodos pedagógicos... Lisez plus

CanadaGeraldo Barsalou, Canadá

I have had a great 8 weeks meeting some great people and learning not only about the language by the... Lisez plus

InglaterraJonathan Robb, England

Me gusta esta escuela muchísimo! Todas las personas que trabajan aca son muy buenas y ellos... Lisez plus

HolandaNadine Van Veen, Holland

Me encantó estudiar en un pequeño grupo, me permitió hablar mucho español. Los temas en la clase... Lisez plus

FranciaIrfana Guelah, France

Expanish Blog

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You want to take your Spanish to the next level and want to take a Spanish language trip? Congratulations! You made the right decision! An immersive language course in a country where Spanish is spoken is the best way to get fast results. Not only will you learn the language, but you will also soak […]

Studying Spanish in Argentina? 7 Don’ts of Learning Spanish

Before you study Spanish in Argentina, you may be practicing at home gearing up for your trip abroad in a Spanish speaking country. You’ve been trying to learn Spanish. You memorize a few new phrases and then give up. You wonder, “why isn’t is sticking?” Sound familiar? Most students tackling a Spanish feel this way […]

How to Choose a Spanish Course in Argentina

It’s no secret that Spanish immersion is the quickest way to learn the language. But choosing a Spanish course in Argentina? That can seem tricky to new language learners. We are sure you’d rather be planning a day trip in the neighborhood of Palermo or reserving an evening at the restaurant you’ll be eating your […]

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Learning Spanish over Christmas in Buenos Aires

If you came in Buenos Aires learning Spanish and that this is your first time spending Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, the first thing that will stands out is the heat. It’s summertime in Argentina and the days are getting hotter and hotter, so say goodbye to your christmas sweaters, blankets and hot cocoa by […]
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