Learn Spanish in Argentina and Spain

We invite you to advance your Spanish skills through a dynamic and interactive learning experience at Expanish by attending our internally accredited School in Argentina or Spain.

With over 12 years of results-driven experience, we guarantee an authentic language experience through a robust blend of cultural immersion activities, real-world interactions, and strengthening of language learning fundamentals in our School.

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Why Choose Us as a Spanish School in Argentina or Spain?

Academic Excellence

Modern Facilities

Personalized Accommodation

Social and Cultural Activities

Volunteering and Internships

Immersive Experience

Central Location

International Accreditation

Courses in Buenos Aires and Barcelona

Discover the best Spanish language schools for intensive immersion experiences in Argentina and Spain for students, travelers, and expats.

Come and learn Spanish in Spain with Expanish. Explore options for all interests and levels that fit your personal schedule.

Visit your favorite destinations while studying Spanish in Spain or Argentina, experiencing local culture, and making new friends from all around the world!

Student Accommodation in Buenos Aires and Barcelona

We offer a variety of accommodation options to fit the needs and experiences sought by our students who study Spanish in Argentina and Spain.

Our hand-picked housing is the perfect complement to students learning Spanish in Argentina or Spain by providing an environment outside of school to practice the language in a real-world setting, form a relationship with local families, and interact with international students.

Accreditations for Expanish in Argentina and Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain and Argentina is a one of a kind adventure. Our Spanish Schools are internationally recognized by the following institutions:

International Association Of Language Centres
SEA – Asociación De Centros De Idiomas
IIE - The Power Of International Education
Star Awards
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