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There are hundreds of students that come to study Spanish in Buenos Aires every year, and many who stay for more than the three month allotted time permitted on a tourist visa. If you are one of these travelers visiting on a tourist visa and staying for more than three months, than you should be aware and informed of how renewing your visa for another 90 works to avoid any possible headaches.

First of all, this information is for those in Argentina on a tourist visa and from a country that grants a thirty day tourist visa upon arrival, without any prior organization.

Here we go:

To renew your visa for another 90 days, you must head to immigrations, located on Avenida Antartida Argentina 1355 (near Puerto Madero and Retiro Station).

Bring with you:

Your passport
A photocopy of the page with your photo and the opposing page
A photocopy of the page with your most recent entry stamp into Argentina
300 pesos (cash)
Patience and Understanding
It is best to go in the very early morning as there are sometimes only a limited number of visas they can issue per day and if you are too late, you are out of luck!

Remember that renewing your visa at immigrations works for the first 90 days, after you must leave the country, even if only to Uruguay for the day.

Tip: If the process does not seem to be moving that well along, do not hesitate to ask questions or ask when your turn will be; this is often a good way to get things rolling and to be informed if there really is something that has caused a delay. Remember to do it with a smile!

For more information on visas in Argentina, head to our Student Visas page!