BIG NEWS! Spanish Language School in Madrid!

We are excited to announce that we will be opening a new Expanish Spanish Language School in Madrid, Spain VERY soon!

Having already had success in Spain previously with our school in Barcelona, we are looking forward to reaching a wider audience with an additional school in Madrid, for a more complete experience of Spanish culture. We hope to see you learning at our new Spanish academy!

Spanish Course in Madrid: Our History & Teaching Philosophy

Expanish has been teaching Spanish to the world for over 12 years now, at our accredited schools in Buenos Aires and Barcelona. Our new venture in Madrid will allow us to welcome even more students, and provide the once in a lifetime experience our students are looking for: a fully immersive language class full of local culture and interactions with locals and other international students.

Our teaching philosophy is focused on the development of the four language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) in all of our classes. A prominent feature of all our Spanish courses is studying not just grammar but also focusing our curriculum on daily interactions.

This is enhanced by our weekly free activities, which explore the local culture and events, not just with our professors but also with locals, as well as living with locals should the student choose to do so. Our weekly activities can be anything from a dance class to an in-depth study of local politics, so we always encourage our students to join if possible.

We strongly believe that learning is never limited to a classroom!

Group Spanish Classes + Private Spanish Classes in Madrid

We will be providing our students with various options for classes at our Spanish school Madrid, as we do in our other schools.

Our Intensive Spanish Course in Madrid will feature both the 20 hour and 30 hour option, and this will be done in a group. Group classes are a great way of practicing your Spanish and connecting with like minded individuals in the city. From Monday to Friday, students join their peers in our classrooms to learn the ups and downs of the Spanish language. These courses also allow students enough time to also join our afternoon weekly activities!

We also have our Private Spanish Course, wherein a student can pick a certain number of hours and have a focused experience, one to one, with one of our professors to work on what they want to get better at. These can also be mixed with our group Spanish classes for a more rounded out experience!

Our Evening Spanish Course is planned for those who are living and working in Madrid, but are wanting to better their Spanish skills! Planned around the typical 9-5 work schedule, this is a group monthly course with a set fee that happens twice a week. This commitment allows our students to focus on their jobs, while learning Spanish on the side.

Learn Spanish in Madrid with Expanish and Immerse Yourself in the Culture!

The most important aspect of our Spanish learning experience is the immersion in a new culture. Madrid is a unique European city, the capital of Spain, full of history and culture, and new places to be discovered. We pride ourselves in providing not only a language learning experience, but in taking students outside of a classroom setting, and introducing them to a new culture and people.

We provide not only weekly activities for students to learn more about Spanish culture and history, but also strongly encourage our students to experience life living with locals.

This can most easily be done by our housing options. Staying with a local family, eating with them and learning their customs is the most sure-fire way to fully immerse yourself with the locals. You can also enjoy stays in local student residences, where you will be in contact with other local university students as well as staff.

Our activities also ensure students get the most out of their experience as possible, as they will be taking them around the city, to local museums, bars and events, allowing them to interact not only with their professors but also with other locals.

By coming to Madrid to learn Spanish, you are already taking the first step. Let us now guide you through the rest, and allow you to fully immerse yourself in a new culture, and get to know Madrid like a local does.

We invite you to stay tuned for more information about our new project, our Spanish school Madrid, which will be coming to fruition very soon! For any further information, do contact us at and don’t forget to also check out our schools in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, which are currently fully operational. ¡Nos vemos muy pronto!