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Learn Spanish in our language school in Madrid

Madrid is an excuse to tell stories. Dare to live them out with our Spanish courses.

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Find a city brimming with poetry and culture at our Spanish school in Madrid

When a city as vibrant as Madrid invites you to challenge yourself, there's no better company than a language as lively as Spanish.

Come get a glimpse of what living in Spain is like. Our Spanish classes in Madrid enhance your dreams and increase your opportunities.

Share your journey, experience diversity, and connect with a colorful world.

Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish, open a new chapter in your life.

Speaking a second language allows you to broaden your horizons and meet new people. Every word you learn can change your life.


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All levels welcome! Our courses are for everyone, from beginners to experts. Start your learning path with Spanish classes in Madrid.
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Expand your horizons in our Spanish language school in Madrid

Learning Spanish in Madrid should be an adventure. And every adventure is better with friends. Come meet an international community at our school -- and get started on your Spanish journey!

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Spanish language school in the heart of Madrid

Our partner school in Madrid is a 2-minute walk from Lista metro station. Get to know a different side of the city and experience it like never before.


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How our classes help you learn Spanish

Our passionate teachers make the difference. They will lead the way and ensure you feel at ease. Their warmth and academic rigor ensure Expanish is a place to learn, grow, and have fun.

We put academic excellence at the forefront

Our school has received many accreditations and distinctions over the years, but our greatest honor are the smiles and gratefulness of the students who've chosen us to study Spanish in Spain.

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Study Spanish in Madrid

Imagine studying Spanish in the very center of Spain. Where each street has a story to tell and the warmth of its inhabitants will make you feel like you've found your second home. At our Spanish academy in Madrid, we strive to create an experience beyond academics. We believe the best way to learn a language is by getting to know a city, being immersed in its culture, and building links with its people.

Spanish courses in Madrid

Your Spanish knowledge will be your key to enter the Spanish-speaking world. Our school welcomes students from all over, bringing together diversity and a passion for travel and adventure. We're sure that studying Spanish in Madrid is the beginning of a great adventure that will forever remain in your memory.


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