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About Us

The Expanish mission and purpose

Our Purpose

Expanish was founded with the express purpose of creating a greater understanding and awareness between cultures. We think of our Spanish language schools as gateways to Spain and Latin America, where our students can engage with different cultures, make new connections and broaden their horizons.

Our staff and teachers are primarily locals and happy to share their experiences, encouraging a unique exchange of ideas and customs with students from all over the world. We pride ourselves on teaching our students not just in the classroom but through experiential learning, social activities and local living as part of a fully immersive experience.

To us, it’s not just about learning a new language but living in a new language.

Expanish Staff
Expanish Staff

Our Story

Expanish was founded in 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Agustín Vignale and Alejandro Rched. Our goal from the start was to offer people from all over the world the chance to immerse themselves in Argentine culture via high-quality Spanish language programs abroad. Encouraged by the success of our award-winning Expanish language school in Buenos Aires, we expanded our services into Spain, opening new boutique schools in Barcelona in 2017, Madrid in 2021 and Malaga in 2023.

Expanish has continuously been a finalist in the Study Travel Awards and won the award for ‘ST Star Spanish Language School’ in 2020/2021 and 2022. Most importantly, we have helped more than 20,000 students discover Spain and South America while improving their language skills and finding opportunities in the Spanish-speaking world. We look forward to guiding many more on their journeys abroad as we continue to expand our network of boutique, premium schools.

ST Star Award
ST Star Award

What We Do

Expanish Spanish School offers a holistic, award-winning language learning experience. We offer a range of Spanish courses (in person and online), different types of accommodation, interactive cultural classes, social activities, and internship programs to travelers from around the globe.

We believe that learning Spanish in a foreign country is the best and quickest way to truly grasp the language and reach fluency. It’s also an unforgettable chance to discover a new culture and engage with like-minded people from all over the world. Our immersive study abroad programs give students the chance to improve their language skills, make new friends and experience life in Spain and Argentina. Students learn via the communicative method, which provides key support for the real classroom: their new home city.

We currently have four amazing locations to begin or continue your Spanish adventure: Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga. Our schools are located in the best areas of the city, easily accessible and bustling with local life. Our facilities are designed to encourage effective learning and social interactions, with modern classrooms and sleekly-designed common areas. Our friendly bilingual staff are always on hand to offer a warm welcome and personalized support through the program.

Our values

  • Adaptability

  • Transparency

  • Human quality

  • Respect, professionalism and integrity

  • Tolerance towards diversity of opinions, beliefs and cultures

  • Excellence and innovation

  • Resilience emphasizing the ability to adapt and resist, the strength and solidity to face challenges and provide solutions.

  • Teamwork and cooperation

It is also worth mentioning Expanish's vocation for growth, creating a network of excellent quality schools marked by a spirit of progress and improvement.

Giving Back

At Expanish we believe language immersion programs abroad can be a life-changing experience for students. We want to help increase participation of diverse and underrepresented students in study abroad programs, and that is why we are proud to offer financial aid via scholarships for some of our courses. Beyond these scholarships, we are also always happy to accept any third-party financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans etc) that students may obtain for any of our programs or courses.

Our Team

Our team is made up of a diverse group of individuals who are keen to share their cultures, experiences and local know-how with all of our students. All of our staff work hard to ensure every student has an amazing stay with us.

Head Office

Agustín VignaleCo-Founder & Commercial Director
Alejandro RchedCo-Founder & Operations Director
Lautaro SilvaDirect Sales Manager
Murphy ScottCommercial Manager
João Paulo CamposArea Manager B2B Brazil
Expanish Spanish School Staff Madrid Maryna
Maryna UsmanovaArea Manager CIS/EE
Mélanie RaymondArea Manager B2B Francia
Beatriz Cuello CarrascoAdmissions Coordinator (Europe, MENA and Asia)
Roxane GanewskiAdmissions Manager


Paula CerderiaAcademic Director
Expanish Housing & Activities Coordinator
Anna GalobartHousing & Activities Coordinator
Emma MartinFront Office & Activities Coordinator
Expanish Spanish School Barcelona teacher Alex
Alex PalauTeacher
Expanish Spanish School Barcelona teacher Angel
Ángel CampayoÁngel Campayo
Eva María GaleoteTeacher
Noelia CasasTeacher


Expanish Spanish School Staff Madrid Marta
Marta ArtachoSchool General Manager
Madrid Expanish Academic Coordinator
Pilar MorillaAcademic Coordinator
MadrId Expanish Student Services Coordinator
Marina Otero MartinezStudent Services Coordinator
Expanish Spanish School Staff Madrid Maryna
Maryna UsmanovaProgram Advisor
Madrid Expanish School Teacher María
María PérezTeacher
Madrid Expanish School Teacher Gonzalo
Gonzalo OchoaTeacher
Anaís DelgadoTeacher
Laura SánchezTeacher
Patricia GómezTeacher
Adriana UrbanoTeacher


Malaga School General Manager
Canela Ojjioni GiacheroSchool General Manager
Malaga Academic Coordinator
Esperanza GonzálezAcademic Coordinator
Malaga Student Services / Housing Coordinator
Sei WintsStudent Services / Housing Coordinator
Lidia Malaga school Teacher
Lidia FernándezTeacher
Maria Malaga school Teacher
María MartínTeacher
Juan Malaga school Teacher
Juan Manuel RodríguezTeacher
Elena Malaga school Teacher
Elena CasadoTeacher
Alba Malaga school Teacher
Alba FernándezTeacher
Nieves Malaga school Teacher
Nieves SarasTeacher

Buenos Aires

Expanish Spanish School Staff Buenos Aires Gabriel.png
Gabriel AragonaAcademic Director
Expanish Spanish School Staff Buenos Aires Rosana.png
Rosana AlessandroTeacher
Analía ImparatoTeacher
Expanish Spanish School Staff Buenos Aires Sonia.png
Sonia HerskovitsTeacher
Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Staff Pablo Landriel.png
Pablo LandrielTeacher
Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Pablo Di Luozzo.png
Pablo Di LuozzoTeacher
Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Carlos Bevilacqua.png
Carlos BevilacquaTeacher
Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Liliana D'acunto.png
Liliana D’AcuntoTeacher