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10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Barcelona

Why I came to learn Spanish in Barcelona and decided to stay for good.

Tons has been said about Barcelona. Here are the top ten reasons that made me not only fall in love with Barcelona but realize that Barcelona is one of the best places one can choose to learn the Spanish language:

The city that has it all

This is the general feeling about Barcelona. When you get to Barcelona, whether it is to learn Spanish or to work in one of the many companies that have headquarters in the city, everyone is going to congratulate you on your choice. They’re not joking, you just hit the jackpot of urban destinations and might just don’t know it!

The Diversity

This place has a reputation for being a melting pot, and it sure lives up to the expectation. Barcelona is the biggest city on the Mediterranean coast, home to a buzzing and diverse community. With an approximate population of 1.6 million, the city prides itself on being human in scale without losing a beat in its cultural diversity.

Learning the language of the land was a welcome excuse to dive into this vibrant city.

The Food

Barcelona prides itself on having one of the most thriving foodie cultures in the world. From traditional cuisine to cutting edge fusion, from three Euro meals to Michelin Star-studded restaurants; from wagyu beef in gourmet burgers to locally sourced vegan delights, whatever your stomach desires the city’s got it.  And let’s not forget about the very local tradition of tapas and pintxos; what better motivation to learn Spanish that the goal of ordering another round of delicious tortilla de patatas?

The Drink

In a country that has a bar for every 180 inhabitants (give or take), great things are to be expected in the beverage department. Barcelona, of course, doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it takes it up a notch with vibrant beer, wine, and cocktail scenes. And if you’d rather skip the alcohol, rest assured: the pioneering cold-press juicing establishments of Barcelona have totally got your back.

The Weather

It might be a bit cliché to point this out, but with an average of 310 sunny days a year, Barcelona takes the cake when it comes to pleasant weather. Real summers that don’t reach the fiery pit level of the south, winters that northerners laugh at. With some of the sweetest springs and mellow autumns, there really is no unpleasant season in this city.  Amazingly, looking out the window to sunny skies made me spend most of my days out and about, which I personally think helped loads with the actual process of learning Spanish. Maybe it was all those late afternoon conversations in La Ciutadella park, who knows!

Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Traveling (almost) without moving

Barcelona is much more than a complex ecosystem of quarters and streets. Yes, if you stay in the urban heart of it you might find that this minute you’re surrounded by the look and feel of Medieval Europe, the next you’re feasting your eyes on world-ranking contemporary architecture. But it doesn’t take more than a few minutes walk to find yourself on a beautiful beach by the Mediterranean sea or, if you went the other way, in the midst of a beautiful lush forest.

Few cities are surrounded by such a wide array of weekend getaways and one-day field trips and this matter solely would allow for a whole post. For now, take our word: whatever you are looking forward to is probably an hour (or less) train ride away from Downtown Barcelona.

Cultural Powerhouse

Whatever your thing is, Barcelona provides a constant stream of nurturing entertainment. If the well-established institutional cultural centers and museums are not to your liking, the city offers a huge variety of events and activities to keep your mind and spirit active while…yep, you guessed it…you get to learn Spanish in Barcelona! The team at Expanish was particularly helpful while figuring out how to navigate Barcelona’s neverending leisure agenda.

Interesting people magnet

In the past few years, the city has seen its expat community grow in numbers. It’s probably due to the combination of all the perks the city has to offer and the general trend of people actually going after the kind of life they want. As a result, it’s not uncommon to meet folks from around the world that have chosen Barcelona as the perfect place to follow their heart’s desire.

The feeling that everything is possible

For a city that has over 2000 years of history, Barcelona sure is a place that embraces the future. It’s the same spirit that turned over the 1992 Olympics or inventive geniuses the size of Picasso or Dalí. Somehow the positivity of it all translates into an atmosphere of sheer possibility that is hard to find in other cities. I wasn’t very optimistic when I landed, but learning Spanish in Barcelona has been one of the most rewarding processes I’ve experienced and, if you asked me, the vibe of the city had a lot to do with it.

Barcelona Always Delivers

In all the time I have spent in this city, I’ve yet to meet an individual — local or expat, long or short term visitor — that have felt disappointed with Barcelona. There seems to be a universal appeal to the city and the way in which, sometimes, everything about it seems to conspire to make you happy.