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Our Spanish courses in Buenos Aires

Beginner or expert, find a Spanish course that suits you.

Group Course - 20 LessonsMost popular
20 lessons a week
Starts every Monday

Learn quickly in small groups with our intensive Spanish course in Buenos Aires. Enjoy four dynamic and interactive lessons a day with students from around the world.

Group Course - 30 Lessons
30 lessons a week
Starts every Monday

Our most intensive Spanish course in Buenos Aires. Maximize your learning with 2 extra conversation classes per day.

Private Lessons
Minimum 2 lessons a week
Starts every week

Get the full support of an experienced tutor at our Spanish school in Buenos Aires with lessons that are tailor-made to your personal goals.

Spanish and Tango Course
20 group lessons + 2 tango classes
Starts every Monday

Put some rhythm into your Spanish course with tango lessons. Enjoy one group tango class and one individual session per week.

Combined Course: Group + Private
20 group + 5-10 private lessons
Starts every Monday

Get the best of both worlds. Combine interactive group lessons with personalized private classes to master the language.

Evening Group Course
2 nights a week, 2 hours each
Starts every month

If you’re living or working in the city, brush up your language skills with our evening Spanish classes from 7pm to 9pm.

A methodology focused on our students' needs

Our Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires focus on 'learning by doing', giving you the confidence to use the language in your daily life.

We encourage our students to use Spanish in school from day one

This is at the heart of our teaching approach. We want you to feel comfortable speaking Spanish at our school from the start.

Small study groups, with an average of 7 students per Spanish class

With limited class sizes all students can engage with teachers and actively participate in our Spanish courses in Buenos Aires.

We teach our students about the local culture, idioms and traditions

At our language school you will discover all about Buenos Aires culture and learn how to speak like a local in everyday situations.

Our Spanish school in Buenos Aires

Study Spanish in the best neighborhood of Buenos Aires, surrounded by green parks, trendy bars and top eateries.

Summer, 27°C
Winter, 13°C
Cosy common areas

Relax, grab a snack and chat with other students in our lounge and patio area.

Unbeatable location

Explore Palermo, home of the city´s hippest shops, bars and restaurants.

Co-working space

Get some work done while mingling with students in our laid-back co-working space.

Accredited by IALC
Walking distance to public transport
In trendy Palermo area
Co-working space
Free high-speed Wi-Fi
Wheelchair access
Student Nationalities
The Netherlands6%

Housing in Buenos Aires

We offer a range of housing options to suit different needs and preferences. Whatever you choose, we’ll help you feel at home while you study Spanish in Buenos Aires.


Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Homestay.jpgStarting at 38€/night

Live with a local family and truly immerse yourself in Spanish culture and language. A perfect opportunity to practise your Spanish every day while sharing in the traditions and habits of your hosts.

Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Homestay.jpg
Discover more places

Shared apartment with a local host

Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Shared Apartment.jpg

Engage with the local community as an independent student with a private bedroom in an apartment with a Spanish-speaking host.

Private apartment

Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Private Apartment.jpg

Enjoy the privacy, comfort and independence of a studio apartment in Buenos Aires, well located to access our language school.

The images used are for reference, and may not reflect the exact accommodation assigned.

Our team makes the difference

Our friendly staff are dedicated to offering you a memorable education experience in Buenos Aires. All of our teachers are native Spanish-speakers and highly qualified.

Expanish Spanish School Staff Buenos Aires Gabriel.png
Gabriel AragonaAcademic Director
Expanish Spanish School Staff Buenos Aires Caroline.png
Caroline PereiraHousing & Activities Coordinator
Expanish Spanish School Staff Buenos Aires Juliana.png
Juliana TelesStudent Services
Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Liliana D'acunto.png
Liliana D'AcuntoTeacher
Expanish Spanish School Staff Buenos Aires Rosana.png
Rosana AlessandroTeacher
Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Staff Pablo Landriel.png
Pablo LandrielTeacher
Expanish Spanish School Staff Buenos Aires Sonia.png
Sonia HerskovitsTeacher
Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Pablo Di Luozzo.png
Pablo Di LuozzoTeacher

What our students say about Expanish

Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Testimonial Lorenzo Nicchiotti.png
Lorenzo Nicchiotti

My experience at Expanish has been excellent. the school building is very central (a few steps from Casa Rosada and the Kirchner cultural center) and easily accessible by metro, the teachers and employees are super nice (secretaries above all). In addition, the school found me accommodation in Belgrano, one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. An experience that I recommend to everyone also because Buenos Aires is a fabulous and very animated city. In addition, Argentinians are truly a welcoming people especially with us Italians.

Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Testimonial Camila Almeida.png
Camila Almeida

Best Spanish school ever! They have great activities everyday after the classes and they're clearly always worried about their students. The teachers are great and so are the rest of the staff.

Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Testimonial 内海今日子.png

I’m Kyoko Utsumi Japanese and deaf. When I studied at a school “Expanish”, the teaching staffs were great “Be positive is everything “. The school has two schools (Barcelona and Buenos Aires), so I wanted to study in the Buenos Aires school. It’s very fashionable and cozy. Argentina’s Spanish is slightly different from the Spanish of other countries. I can enjoy the difference. It was a wonderful school as expected. The staffs and teachers were perfect. The classmates were also friendly and kind. I had a meaningful school life. Me encanta Argentina. Gracias Kyoko

Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Testimonial Zora Ernst.png
Zora Ernst

Top quality of teaching. Great atmosphere. Lovely staff :)

Avatar of Francis Boamah
Francis Boamah

I spent almost 6 months in this institute (Expanish). Frankly, there was not a single day boring for me. I started with zero idea of Spanish and after the period, I am so amazed as I begin Studies in the university in Cordoba. They have many strategies and better experience for learning Spanish. I was totally overwhelmed by their teaching strategies. And because I was there for a long period, I experienced many professors with good and distinct methods. I was so fascinated by the method of profesor Carlos, profesoras Sandra, Rosana, and Cecilia. I must say that, Expanish did not only made me to understand Spanish but also to know very well the culture, the people and many places in Argentina with their extra organized programs every week. Administratively, they are excellent with always attention for the students, their well being, good environment and modern classrooms and better options to learn Spanish faster and easier. God bless you Gabriel, Coordinator of the institute. Gracias Expanish

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Check your Spanish level for free

Check your Spanish level for free

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we will help you achieve your goals and study Spanish effectively. Get started by taking our free test.

Free after-school activities

Make friends, share good times and discover Buenos Aires with up to 4 free social activities a week after Spanish class.

Free for our Students


Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Patio Activity.JPG
Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Football Activity.jpg
Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires Desert Excursion.jpg
See how our students live the Expanish experience

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Intensive Spanish courses in Buenos Aires

If you want to get the most out of your travels through Latin America, you’ll need to make sure your Spanish is up to the task! That’s where our intensive Spanish courses in Buenos Aires come in. With 20 lessons a week, our experienced teachers will get you speaking and thinking like a local, using Latin American vocabulary and expressions. Sign up for our intensive Spanish courses in Buenos Aires and begin your journey now.

Evening Spanish classes in Buenos Aires

If you already live and work in Buenos Aires and are busy during the day, we have the perfect option for you. Join our evening Spanish classes, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9 PM. We work with small groups so you can meet other students who are working abroad while engaging deeper with the language and culture of Buenos Aires, your current home. Sign up and keep perfecting your Spanish!