Learn Spanish in our language school in Valencia

Experience the true Mediterranean lifestyle with an immersive Spanish course in Valencia. Explore the charming old town, relax on the beach and perfect your Spanish with friendly locals.

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Choose a Spanish course in Valencia

Beginner or expert, we offer Spanish courses for all levels.

Group Course - 20 LessonsMost popular
20 lessons a week
Starts every Monday

Learn quickly in small groups with our intensive Spanish course in Valencia. Enjoy four lessons a day with students from around the world.

Group Course - 30 Lessons
30 lessons a week
Starts every Monday

The 30-lesson Spanish course is the most comprehensive study option, encouraging fast learning with 2 daily conversation classes on top of 4 group Spanish classes in Málaga.

Private Lessons
Minimum 2 lessons a week
Starts every week

Get the full benefits of a private tutor at our Spanish school in Valencia, with lesssons that are tailor-made to your needs and schedule.

Long-Term Courses
3 to 12 months
Starts every Monday

Become a true local and immerse yourself into Spanish life with a long-term course in Valencia. Includes access to professional workshops and support for visa documents.

Combined Course: Group + Private
20 group + 5-10 private lessons
Starts every Monday

Combine interactive group lessons with personalized private classes to ramp up your language skills.

Evening Group Course
2 nights a week, 2 hours each
Starts every month

Make friends and master the language of your new home with our Spanish courses that fit around your existing daily schedule in Valencia

A methodology focused on students’ needs

Study Spanish in Valencia with highly-qualified teachers using the communicative education method.

We encourage our Valencia students to use Spanish from day one

This is at the heart of our teaching approach. We want you to feel comfortable speaking Spanish at our school from the start.

Small groups, with an average of 7 students per Spanish class

With limited class sizes all students can engage with teachers and actively participate in Spanish lessons in Valencia

We teach our students about local culture, idioms and traditions.

At our language school you will discover all about Valencian culture and learn how to speak like a local in everyday situations.

Our Spanish language school in Valencia is focused on academic excellence

We have received many accolades and distinctions over the years, but nothing beats sharing unforgettable moments with our students at our Spanish school
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Our Spanish school in Valencia

Study Spanish in the best area of Valencia, surrounded by history and culture.

Summer, 29°C
Winter, 13°C
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Engaging cultural activities

Learn Spanish and enhance your education with our authentic cultural activities.

Cosy common areas

Connect with other students in the lounge area of our Spanish language school in Valencia.

Unbeatable location

Learn Spanish in Valencia among the city's best restaurants, shops and nightlife.

Housing in Valencia

We offer a range of housing options to suit different needs and preferences. Whatever you choose, we’ll help you feel at home while you learn Spanish in Valencia.


Standard Homestay Host with Student.jpgStarting at 38€/night

Live with a local family and truly immerse yourself in Spanish culture and language. A perfect opportunity to practise your Spanish every day while sharing in the traditions and habits of your hosts.

Standard Homestay Host with Student.jpg
Discover more places

Student shared apartment

Expanish Spanish School Barcelona Shared Students Apartment.jpg

Live the student life in a shared apartment. Meet like-minded people and share your experiences in Valencia

Student Residence

Expanish Spanish School Barcelona Residence.jpg

Meet a mix of local and international students. Chat about the city and practise your language skills after school.

The images used are for reference, and may not reflect the exact accommodation assigned.

What our students say about the Expanish experience

Expanish Spanish School Barcelona Testimonial Julie Washburn.png
Julie Washburn

We loved our classes at Expanish! It was one of the highlights of our trip to be able to refine our Spanish skills while being in Spain. I took private lessons with my 3 kids. The teachers and staff were all so kind. They were very understanding when we were running late too!

Expanish Spanish school Barcelona Testimonial Layla Roth.png
Layla Roth

Very fun and friendly teachers, that create a very good learning atmosphere!

Avatar of Constanze

Absolutely satisfied. I did my course with Expanish, which is accepted as "Bildungsurlaub" in Germany. Everything was well organized. During the course, I
learned in short time a lot and received valuable recommendations.
Expanish is absolutely recommendable for everyone that wants to learn or improve their Spanish.

Expanish Spanish School Barcelona Testimonial Robert Donohue.png
Robert Donohue

Stayed for 9 weeks, it was great. My friend and I were in a host family together and they were amazing. The school itself was really fun and my Spanish improved a lot. It's also a great social experience. Super easy to make friends from loads of different countries at the school.

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Check your Spanish level for free

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See how our students live the Expanish experience

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Read more about what's going on in Valencia and get tips on preparing to study Spanish at our language school.

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Want to learn more about our most popular Spanish courses in Valencia? Read on.

Study Spanish in Valencia

Our intensive Spanish courses are the perfect way to improve your language skills while learning about the local culture and traditions of Valencia. With 20 or 30 lessons a week, our professional teachers will get you speaking Spanish from day one, using local expressions and idioms.

Evening Spanish classes in Valencia

If you're already living and working in Valencia, our evening Spanish classes are tailor-made to help you learn Spanish at a convenient time for you. We know you're busy with daytime commitments, so these evening courses are held only twice a week at 7-9pm. At our Spanish language school in Valencia, you can learn at a steady, comfortable pace and meet fellow students working abroad just like you.