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Spanish Abroad: What You Can Expect From A “Shared Apartment” Host Family

Staying with a host family is like putting a match to your language skills as you learn Spanish abroad, sparking a fire and setting your bilingual (or multilingual) communication aflame.

And I mean it in a good way. Staying with a host family is a challenging yet unforgettable experience. Here’s what you can expect from it.

Who will I be living with? A family? Young? Old?

You can expect a local host–someone who was most likely born and raised in the city where are venturing abroad to learn Spanish.

Most people think of a family when they think of local hosts and that is usually the case. For example, the host families that have been working alongside Expanish in Buenos Aires are typically older women taking care of the students. They may be married and will probably have a child at home and one grown and out of the house (hence why there is a room free in their home, now it’s for you). Argentinian women are so sweet and motherly, it’s like a home away from home!

Is a Shared Apartment different from a Homestay?

You can expect the same experience, just less time at the dinner table!

A Homestay at Expanish includes half-board which allows extra Spanish practice during mealtimes. A Shared Apartment with Host is the same experience but no meals included. You typically have access to the kitchen and fridge space for your own food and can practice Spanish around the house before and after class!

What type of house will I live in? Which neighborhood?

You can expect a private room in a home that has been checked for quality and cleanliness by staff.

The type of home really depends on where you go abroad to learn Spanish. It’s important to take into account the culture of the host country as well as what types of homes are typical of the city you are visiting. It may not–actually, probably will not–look like your own home. But that’s the beauty of a cultural exchange.

In Buenos Aires, for example, many families live in a one-floor or duplex apartment style cozy homes perhaps with a small terrace or backyard.

As for neighborhoods, that’s a good question! Doing research and learning about the different areas of the new city abroad is recommended. If one neighborhood, in particular, suits your personality, then you know what to look for.

At Expanish, we can always take into account any preference you may have. Buenos Aires Shared Apartment with Host neighborhoods includes Palermo, Recoleta, Retiro, San Telmo, and Belgrano.

Will the host speak English/my language?

You can expect to be practicing Spanish.

In other words, the host family probably won’t speak your native tongue and may not even speak English. But you did decide to learn Spanish abroad, didn’t you? I think yes! So, utilize that time to delve into the culture and customs of the country as well as the nuances and idioms of the language that can only be learned through one-on-one conversations with native Spanish speakers.

Learn more about Expanish accommodation in Buenos Aires on our website or email us at and prepare yourself for a grand adventure. What’s better than arriving in a safe and comfortable home while abroad in a totally new country? Try a Shared Apartment with Host.