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Student Homestay FAQs

Living in a homestay is a very exciting addition to your immersion program. Student homestay FAQS are a great way to learn more before you go abroad.
Erasmus+ Courses In Barcelona

Erasmus+ Courses in Barcelona

Erasmus+ is the perfect opportunity for European students to study Spanish abroad in Spain. Expanish has many different options available for Erasmus+ students.
How To Choose Spanish Courses

How to choose Spanish Courses

Figuring out how to choose a Spanish course can be difficult. Expanish offers the tools to personalize your language learning through courses and activities.

Learning Spanish for Beginners

Expanish courses are perfect for Spanish students of all levels. Whether you’re a student, expat, traveler, etc., Expanish has the perfect program for you!
Best Place To Learn Spanish: Barcelona

Best place to learn Spanish: Barcelona

Are you googling, "why study abroad in spain”? We’ve got your answer! Check out this article to learn why you should study Spanish abroad in Barcelona, Spain.