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Erasmus+ Courses In Barcelona

Erasmus+ Courses in Barcelona

Erasmus+ offers opportunities for you to travel and develop yourself as a professional, and Expanish offers the quality Spanish education. Learn more about both!
How To Choose Spanish Courses

How to choose Spanish Courses

Figuring out how to choose a Spanish course can be difficult. Expanish wants to personalize your language learning adventure, so we offer you the tools to choose the perfect course for you!

Learning Spanish for Beginners

Expanish courses are perfect for students, expats, travelers, etc. We truly believe you’ll be confident and hopefully pleased with yourself, even after starting the first day!
Best Place To Learn Spanish: Barcelona

Best place to learn Spanish: Barcelona

Are you googling, "why study abroad in spain?" right now? We’ve got the answers for you! Check out this article to learn why you should study abroad and learn Spanish in Barcelona.