Spanish in Buenos Aires: New National Accreditation at Expanish!

If you’re looking for a vibrant educational and cultural experience, studying Spanish in Buenos Aires is the perfect fit. The energetic city, the welcoming people, the hypnotizing culture, and the melodic language are just the beginning of it…

Expanish Cervantes Institute

But one main concern that most potential students have about studying abroad is the quality of the school and the education that they will receive, both in the classroom and immersed in the local culture. In 1993 here in Argentina, a group of educators banded together and formed an association called the Schools of English Association (SEA). SEA, which later incorporated all foreign language institutes in Argentina and became known as the “Asociación de Centros Idiomas”, successfully serves as a forum of common interests and ideas for language schools here in Argentina, while simultaneously acting as a support and security system for students studying abroad.

As a SEA accredited school, students who study Spanish in Buenos Aires at Expanish are ensured that our school meets quality educational standards and has a director and team of teachers who are professionals with degrees in education. An important aspect of SEA is the “Defensoria del Estudiante” program; this program allows students and schools alike to submit any suggestions, comments, or complaints directly to SEA. This constant feedback from students and language institutes helps SEA regulate the quality of the certified schools, ensures an excellent educational experience for prospective students, and keeps the language schools updated on their students needs and wants.

Here at Expanish, we pride ourselves on the quality of the services that we offer to students studying Spanish abroad in Buenos Aires. We welcome you to let us make your experience studying Spanish in Buenos Aires an enriching and unforgettable one!

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