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Learn Spanish in Barcelona

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Come Study Spanish in Barcelona

Discover historical and enchanting Spanish culture by joining Expanish Partner School
to learn Spanish in Barcelona, Spain.

Our School

We invite you to explore Spain’s second biggest metropolitan area: Barcelona. Expanish Spanish School has all you need to discover the city and learn Spanish, from a variety of programs, accommodation choices, and activities. Join us and you will be greeted by exceptional staff and a bright and spacious school to begin your Spanish studies. People visit us from all over the world to learn Spanish in Barcelona, Spain and we welcome students from beginners to advanced to strengthen their Spanish language skills, make new friends, take advantage of free activities, and enjoy the Spanish culture.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Modern Facilities
  • Culture and Social Activities
  • Personalized Accommodation
  • Immersive Experience
Member of:
  • Computers and wifi
  • Central Location
  • Heating and AC
  • 10 Classrooms
  • Luggage Storage
  • In-room Multimedia
  • Coffe and Snack Bar
  • Lounge and Dinning Area

Student Accommodation

Expanish Partner School offers a variety of accommodation options to ensure a safe and comfortable stay in Barcelona. This experience will allow you to practice Spanish in an authentic environment and fully immerse yourself in the local life and culture.

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Expanish Partner School offers a variety of school activities throughout Barcelona each week in order to maximize your experience and immersion into Spanish culture.


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