First Day Studying Abroad at Expanish

The first day starting a new job or school is always a little nerve-racking. However, students at Expanish shouldn’t be too nervous, as we promote a welcoming environment for all students. The first day studying abroad might be a bit overwhelming at first, as you are embarking on a new adventure into the unknown, yet many students’ worries are quickly dispelled as soon as they get a feel for the city. Many students have first experiences they can’t be replicated in any other part of the world: meeting your international best friend, trying mate for the first time, or simply reveling in the fact that you are safe in the grandiose city of Buenos Aires.


Many students feel slightly nervous the first day studying abroad with their Spanish classes, however, these feelings disappear in no time after arriving and going through orientation. Within the first hour at Expanish, you’ll feel completely at ease with the school and your new classmates. The first hour involves a fun, information packed orientation where you get to meet your fellow peers, play games, are informed on general information about Buenos Aires, and complete a preliminary Spanish language test.

The preliminary test is nothing to be afraid of or nervous for! The exam helps us distinguish your Spanish level and put you in the appropriate class. Students also receive a welcome pack filled with useful information on the best places to eat, how to get a Subte card, weekly activities the school offers (definitely check out these activities, as it’s a great way to meet other students), discounts for restaurants, and lots of other useful information. Not to mention students get a cute expanish bag that’s perfect for books, daily necessities, and is an excellent souvenir of the school.

first day studying abroad

During orientation, students will be given a tour of Expanish where they’ll meet with our Academic Director, Gabriel, and many of our teachers. Gabriel plays an extremely important role within the school and is the person to see if you’re having any doubts, worries, or just want to add classes. He’s also the person to talk to for recommendations in the city, or just to share a friendly conversation and a smile.

Students will spend the morning in their assigned classrooms, accompanied with various breaks, and, depending on their schedules, will either be dismissed for the day at 1:20 p.m. to explore the city or will return for afternoon classes. We can promise that your first day at Expanish will be very welcoming, memorable, and full of Spanish learning.

There’s nothing more you could ask for when studying Spanish abroad in Buenos Aires — a beautiful school in the best location of Buenos Aires, making friends with people from all around the world, and learning Spanish from the most qualified teachers in the city. Nothing beats a study abroad experience at Expanish.

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