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Evening Spanish Classes Barcelona

Extensive Spanish Course in Barcelona, Spain

If you are already living in Barcelona and want to learn Spanish and communicate with ease, we recommend evening Spanish classes in Barcelona.

This program is perfect for those expats living in Barcelona and who want to improve their level of Spanish in their free time. The nature of this course is less intensive than other available courses, as it is intended for local residents who have work, family, or life commitments outside of learning Spanish. For this reason, it is given at night, twice a week.

Here are some of the benefits of evening Spanish classes in Barcelona:

  • The course is given for all Spanish levels
  • It is less intensive than other course offered, with 4 hours a week
  • A combination of written and conversational exercises
  • Smaller groups facilitate a relaxed atmosphere
  • You can meet other expats that are in your same situation!

Evening Spanish Course in Barcelona Quickfacts

Lessons per Week: Two 2 hour classes per week, for 4 weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm

Class Length: Each class has a duration of 50 minutes

Program Duration: Minimum 1 month.

Levels: From beginner to advanced

Class Size: average 5, maximum 10

Start Dates: First Tuesday of every month

Prices: €136 per month (10% OFF paying one level at once)

What's Included: Welcome pack, Spanish Course Book, 4 free immersion activities per week, 24/7 Emergency Assistance, Orientation, WiFi and Computers with Internet Access

Evening Spanish Classes Barcelona
Evening Spanish Classes Barcelona
Evening Spanish Classes Barcelona

Who should take Evening Spanish Classes in Barcelona?

The course is specifically designed for expats (expatriates) who are already located in Barcelona. If you have a job in the city or another commitment stopping you from taking intensive classes during the day, this course is perfect for you. You will meet people from all over the world living in Barcelona in a two 2-hour evening course and still have the high-quality teachers and materials that Expanish always provides. We highly recommend our Evening Spanish course in Barcelona.

What should I expect from this course?

You will have a quality teaching team of native speakers and special materials designed for the expat program. The course is divided into modules within each semester, allowing you to do what you wish. With the purchase of one textbook, will cover 3 modules, the equivalent of one semester, so you can use the same book for many months. For academic quality, the academic body and social inclusion involved, we fully recommend this evening Spanish course in Barcelona.

2018 Course Schedule

The Evening Spanish Course has three official start dates throughout the year but students can join every month, with the beginning of a new module – each quarter has three different modules. The start dates for 2018 are the following:

  • 1st quarter:
    • January 9th
    • February 1st
    • March 1st
  • 2nd quarter:
    • April 3rd
    • May 3rd
    • June 5th
  • 3rd quarter:
    • September 13th
    • October 2nd
    • November 6th
The Academic Staff

Paula Cerderia

Academic Coordinator



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